Volunteering is a great way to bring family together

There are so many fun things we can do to connect as a family — cooking meals together, hiking, playing games, getting creative with an arts and craft project, cozying up for a movie night…

To set a meaningful example for your kids and teach them the values of community, tolerance and responsibility, volunteering as a family for a community service project can be an amazing experience.

Here are some of our favorite ways to inspire kids to remember that they can make a difference.

  • Volunteer at a community food bank or kitchen
  • Offer to help out at your local animal shelter
  • Contact your local senior center or nursing home: lonely seniors often enjoy visits from kids
  • Offer to bring meals to those who are homebound and spend some time with them
  • Grab some garbage bags and decide to clean up the trash at the park or playground
  • Join an environmental nonprofit for one of their community tree planting days, or to help with a community garden or other greenspace projects