The sweetest surprises, filled with joy

Dec 18, 2017


Whether it’s a special item we’ve had our eye on all year long, a small, favorite luxury or cherished time with loved ones, we all have a Christmas wish list.

But sometimes it’s the surprises the holidays bring that make the most memorable gifts.

Here, a few of our studio artists recall the best holiday surprise they ever received:

Perfect romance

I was in North Carolina for the holidays, taking a Christmas day stroll with my sister and little nephew when we decided to walk though the neighborhood where we grew up. Suddenly I saw a man heading toward us that looked a lot like my longtime boyfriend from Pennsylvania… and IT WAS HIM! I ran toward him and he explained how he just really wanted to spend Christmas with me. Before I knew it, we were standing in front of my childhood home…He bent down on one knee and he proposed! It was the perfect spot with the perfect people surrounding us and the most precious memories swirling around me! I said “YES!” and it was the best surprise of my life. — Melissa

The music of the night

When I was about 8 or 9, I received a music box with a beautiful angel on top. I just loved it. I would listen to it every night before I went to bed and felt safe and loved. — Carol

An artful delivery

Last year, my husband bought one of those giant padded binders and filled it with art supplies, including sketch paper and watercolor paper. He collected some of my favorite old sketches and some I didn’t even realize he’d kept. He’s a lawyer with very little understanding of a creative’s tools but he took the time to put together a gift that combined my favorite pastime with my desire to take it on our adventures. The thoughtfulness factor was a 10 out of 10, and I totally happy-cried. — Amy

A sparkling finish

My best holiday surprise was when my husband got my engagement ring reset. The original setting had been weakening and I stopped wearing the ring because I didn’t want to lose the diamond. He had the setting re-made to match the original, using the same diamond. I was totally surprised…and so happy to be able to wear my ring again! — Katie

The keys to her heart

My mother-in-law Connie had a beautiful grand piano that I loved playing. I’d always dreamed of having one. After she passed away, my husband and I decided there was simply no room in our home for it so I made peace with it being donated. The following Christmas Day, as I walked past our guest room, there was my mother-in-law’s shiny grand piano! My husband had coordinated with his aunt to move it in while we were at breakfast one day. Seeing it made me cry. I know it was a quite a feat to get that piano moved from her house and into ours, and I am so grateful that I have it.  — Janet

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