The magic of greeting cards

Jan 26, 2018


Think about the various ways people reach out to you…text, email, chat, snail mail. Then consider which lights you up more…receiving a text message or a hand-addressed letter that arrives in the mail. You’ll probably agree there’s something sweet and truly special about receiving a hand-written card or note. Why? Because it shows the sender set aside some time, took pen in hand and personally wrote a little note expressly to tell you how they feel about you. How much more meaningful is such a gesture than dashing off a few words and hitting “send?”



Furthermore, greeting cards are not just for birthdays and holidays. Imagine how a friend who’s going through a rough time would feel to receive a supportive card from you. Or picture the smile of someone you’ve been out of touch with when they receive a little “hello” card from you. There’s a whole universe of reasons to connect with friends and loved ones, and a greeting card can accomplish that connection in a very personal way. In fact, the greeting card is the work horse of connecting, because it can do so many jobs. Here are just a few.


1) A card has tremendous emotional impact. It’s an expression in tangible form…the recipient can actually hold it in her hand. How many texts or emails do you think are actually revisited? Chances are they are read once, then deleted. But because cards are truly personal, having been sent and at least signed by you (extra points for a hand-written message!), they are actually treasured by the recipient.

2) A card that’s truly beautiful – whether it’s because the message resonates, or the design is simply pleasing to look at, or both – can be framed and displayed for inspiration or just as a keepsake reminder of the sender.

3) Cards can be part of a person’s story. For example, many people actually save their “new baby” cards and present those cards to the “baby” upon their 18th birthday. What a beautiful and sentimental gift.

4) A greeting card is a wonderful way to re-connect with an old friend or relative with whom you’ve been out of touch. More than a Facebook message or email, a greeting card says you are sincere about your desire to reconnect.

5) A card is a personal expression exclusively from you, especially when you add a few words of your own. When you’re struggling to come up with a message to write on a birthday card, a miss you card, a friendship card, or any card, just close your eyes for a moment and think about what you would say to the recipient if they were standing next to you. Keep it casual, and keep it authentic. Maybe it’s just a line that says, “Hey! I stopped at our favorite coffee shop yesterday and thought of you.” Or, “I hope your birthday’s super fun!” Or, “It’s been such a long time since we actually sat down and talked. When can we get together?” Or, “I’m so excited about your new digs! Hope you have lots of fun times there!”