The Joys of Wedding Planning: Come Rain or Come Shine

May 8, 2013



We are getting pretty close! The tasks are being checked off the lists one by one, I’m feeling pretty under control…except for one thing, the WEATHER! We have a few weeks to go and we’ve been blessed so far this spring with many clear beautiful days. Each day it’s been lovely I’ve said this is the weather I want for our day!

I was feeling pretty optimistic. But today I woke up to the sounds of buckets of rain coming down. It was a reality check that it is spring after all and rain is a likely scenario. It’s a risk we were willing to take when we decided on a backyard wedding. After doing a little research and seeing some of the sweet photos of rainy wedding days I’m feeling ok. We will make the best of whatever scenario Mother Nature throws at us. Take a peek at some cute rainy wedding photos!

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Photos by:
Cramer Photo
Splendor For Your Guests
Braedon Photography
James Christianson

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