Ten Joyful Signs of the Fourth of July

Jun 30, 2014



Three cheers for the red, white and blue! The Fourth of July is near, and if you’re anything like our team, then you’re feeling pretty excited about it. Maybe it’s our love of a good party, or our close proximity to Philly – our very own cradle of liberty – but things are getting pretty patriotic ‘round here! Check out our top ten “Joyful Signs” of the Fourth below, let us know how you’ll be celebrating, too!

1.    Stars & Stripes: We wave them, raise them and proudly display our star
       spangled flag!

2.    Time to Shine: It’s amazing how much joy one little sparkler can bring. 

3.    Outdoor Games: Horseshoes, washers and even potato sack races are
       just a few of our favorite picnic contests.

4.    Patriotic Parades: You can’t get much more American then a hometown
       parade on the Fourth of July.

5.    True Colors: Red, white and blue outfits (we admit this look works best on
       the little ones!)

6.    Dazzling Displays: All you need is a clear view and a big blanket to enjoy
       some of summer’s best entertainment. 

7.    Festive Fruit: We love a fresh slice of watermelon – a Fourth of July picnic staple.

8.    Splish Splash Bash: Because a midsummer celebration practically begs
       for a pool party. 

9.    Festive Food: It’s fun to serve up a dish in patriotic shades!

10.  American Classics: So many happy memories are made relaxing around the grill,
       waiting for the burgers and dogs to cook. Ahhh – summer!