Ten Joyful Signs of Christmas

Dec 18, 2013



If ever there were a holiday where the buildup is just as exciting as the day itself, it would have to be Christmas. The whole month of December is rich in happy scenes that surround us – little “visual reminders” that the holidays are almost here! We asked our team to list their favorite signs of Christmas, and here are their (much edited!) results. What can we say…Christmas is a favorite around here. Don’t you agree?

1. Fresh Greens: From holly to pine, it’s so nice to bring the fresh fragrances of the outdoors in as we decorate for Christmas.

2. Candles Gleaming in the Window: Especially on a snowy night!

3. Decorating the tree and home: It’s fun to try something new each year, but we love our favorite ornaments of sentimental value, too.

4. Hot Cocoa: The perfect warming wintry drink. Especially with a few marshmallows on top!

5. Classic Movies and Cartoons: They start right after Thanksgiving, and we watch them all month long.

6. Bell ringers, food banks and toy drives: All are important reminders that it’s good to share your blessings.

7. Christmas Music: The hymns, the hits and the carols – they all compose the sweet soundtrack to the holidays.

8. Baking Christmas Cookies: We bake them to give – but a little “sample” here and there never hurt anyone!

9. City Street Lights: They’re the stuff Christmas songs are made of.

10. Candle-Lit Churches: Even more beautiful with a backdrop of snow.



Photo Credits:

Two Spoons
TV Guide
Brian Myrick