Tell her how amazing she is

Our parents make so many sacrifices to provide us with a happy and healthy childhood and to help us fulfill our potential. All those times of juggling and rearranging schedules to be there for the moments that mattered to us, all those dreams and plans they put on the back burner — they might think we never noticed. But in this touching video tribute to his mom, Wendell lets her know just how grateful he is for her steadfast presence, and truthful guidance, in his life.

Sometimes, it’s the constant, everyday expressions of love and appreciation that are the easiest to take for granted. All the more reason to let those we cherish know we see and value everything they do for us.

Acknowledge their sacrifices. Thank them for their thoughtfulness. Express how they’ve helped shape the person you are. You don’t have to do it in a video but a wonderful way to share a message they can turn to again and again to feel your love and gratitude.