Send a smile to bridge the distance

Vacations are such a treasured time, a chance to break away from routines, discover new places, recharge and make meaningful memories with family and friends. But when we’re not traveling with the ones we love, it can sometimes be challenging to stay connected as our days carry us from one sweet escape to the next.

We’ve created this beautiful collection of free, downloadable postcards to make it quick and easy to keep in touch with loved ones whenever you’re on vacation. Designed in a standard 6×4 size, they can be printed at home on blank postcard paper, at a local commercial printer or using any online printing service.

Not sure what to say?

Here are a few pointers to let them know you miss them while sharing your time away.

Write about a memorable vacation moment you know the recipient would have enjoyed or a sight they would have appreciated to create a sense of connection.

Discovered a new interest that could make for a fun future outing? Let them know how much you’re looking forward to sharing it with them.

Let the recipient know you’re simply thinking of them with a smile and are grateful to have them in your life.

Share a wish for fun, for a beautiful day or for anything going on in their lives that you’d like to acknowledge.


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