The wall of ATC’s in the KDS Gallery

Last Friday night’s KDS Gallery Opening for our Artist Trading Card Show was a great collaboration of creatives.  From young children to adults, all who participated in creating and trading were drawn together for the sole purpose of being creative.  There were many discussions of technique and subject matter, as well as a lot of laughs.  Below are a couple of photos to highlight some of the ATCs on display.

This unique opening was also chronicled live on Twitter.  Photos of the ATCs were shared over the internet for people everywhere to see.  You’ve got to love modern day technology!  While we have your “hi-tech” attention, it’s a great time to remind you to “follow us” on Twitter, “like us” on Facebook, and check out the constant stream of new videos and visuals we are adding to YouTube and Flickr.  Please tell your friends to keep up with us too, it’s going to be an exciting year at Kathy Davis Studios!

By: Anna Lo Piccolo

Over the past month we have been posting an American Greetings Card of the Week hand picked by Kathy to share with all of you. The time has come to pick your favorite Card of the Week for January. The card that gets the most votes will become the January Card of the Month! The best part is that just by voting you will automatically be entered to win a pack of Kathy Davis cards, including the five Cards of the Week for January!

Simply click the Comments link below and vote for the card of your choice   (A, B, C, D, or E) and you could win!!! Voting will run from today Feb. 2nd – Feb. 9th. If you need a closer look at the cards just click on the image below and it will take you to our Flickr gallery.

Today is “Inspire Your Heart With Art” Day! Hope you are finding your own unique way to celebrate. In honor of this occasion I thought I’d share this excerpt from my book called “Scatter Joy: Living, Giving, and Creating a Life You Love”. Having once been an art teacher, I’m a big advocate for art and the power it holds for enriching everyone’s lives.

Please enjoy the following paragraphs from the chapter entitled “What’s the Art in Your Heart?”

All my best,

I have two fundamental beliefs when it comes to art: I believe that everyone has some kind of art in his or her heart, and I believe that inspiration to create art surrounds all of us, all the time.

Art and artist can be intimidating words, but I don’t think they need to be. I invite you to open your mind to a broader definition of the word art. Here’s an excerpt from the World Book Dictionary: “any form of human activity that is the product of and appeals primarily to the imagination”; “some kind of skill or practical application of skill.”

I like those descriptions. And I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have a special skill or knack for something that enriches their lives… something that excites them and enhances their everyday world.

So what is your passion? What art is in your heart?

Tonight is the night folks!

Join us in the KDS gallery for our Artist Trading Card art show! Stop on by to see the wide variety of artwork on display. You will also have the chance to make your own trading cards and trade with other participants. The fun begins at 5pm tonight. If you can’t make it, join us on Twitter where we will be doing live updates under the hashtag #ATCatKDS

Click here to learn more about ATC’s and for specific details about our show.

Hope to see you tonight!

Hope lives around every corner, behind every cloud, inside every failure. Believe in hope. Look for it and you’ll find it when you need it most.

“Nite Owl” by Melissa Lomax

Make A Card, Trade A Card…

(and let inspiration get the best of you!)

What:  Kathy Davis Studios Gallery presents our first Artist Trading Card Exhibit

When:  Friday, January 28th 5-7pm – we will be giving live Twitter updates from the show under the hashtag #ATCatKDS so feel free to join the conversation 🙂

Where:  Kathy Davis Studios

303 Horsham RoadSuite GHorsham PA 19044

Artist Trading Cards, otherwise known as ATCs, are a spin off of the popular gaming cards or sporting cards.  The only difference is that each card is a little work of art (2.5” x 3.5”) that is traded with fellow artists.  Each card is an original work of art or can be created in small numbered editions.

The cards may be produced in any medium, style or theme – so the possibilities are endless!  For those of you that are new to making artwork, there is no reason to be nervous since every skill level and age group usually attends these events.  The main objective is to get together, have fun, make and trade artwork!

Some art supplies will be available the evening of the event but we recommend bringing some of your own supplies.  We hope to see you at our trading card event where we will be creating and then trading our own original pieces of artwork!

One of our talented designers, Melissa Lomax has been attending ATC sessions for about ten years now and below is a card that she has created.  She and the rest of our talented team will have a variety of their own ATC’s on display through February 21st.

Head over to our Free Joy page to explore some of our free giveaways. You will find step by step instructions for making your very own Journeys Quilt, Yoga Cushion, and today’s featured Free Joy the Purple Bloom Bag.

Please feel free to send a photo of your completed project to [email protected] We may even post it on our blog!

Happy crafting!

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.” ~Johann von Goethe

Hi everyone! Below are three ways we at Kathy Davis Studios hope to Scatter Joy in the New Year. Do you have any Scatter Joy tips? Comment below and let us know how you hope to Scatter Joy to those around you in the New Year.

Knit a hat or scarf for a homeless person this winter.
Leave a stuffed animal or toy for a child in a hospital.
Send a Thank You card to someone who’s helped you when you really needed it.

“Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, go where your spirit guides you.” (Click here to view this Dose of Inspiration on Flickr)

Head on over to our Kathy Davis Studios Zazzle site to pick up Kathy’s new Spread Sunshine stamp!

A dose of inspiration: Blossoming by Kathy Davis

Philadelphia’s First Friday is a wonderful cultural event that has been hosted by the Old City Arts Association since 1991. On the First Friday of each month dozens of Old City galleries open their doors to the public from 5:00pm – 9:00pm. The “open house” vibe attracts a wide variety of viewers from casual browsers to serious buyers. Each month we will be featuring an exhibition that we find particularly unique and inspiring. This month’s featured exhibition is “divergent AFFINITIES” at the Wexler Gallery.

via Wexler Gallery website:

Wexler gallery is proud to present, a group exhibition organized by Barbara Harberger, Director of Arts and Collections at the Philadelphia based firm Marguerite Rodgers ltd. The exhibition will run from January 7 through February 26, 2011.
 An opening will take place First Friday, January 7 from 5 – 8 pm.

Featured artists include Jaq Belcher, Marietta Hoferer, Gudrun Mertes-Frady, Susan Schwalb, Karen Margolis, Michael Kukla, Ilene Sunshine and Viviane Rombaldi Seppey.

Linked by a strong connection to process and concept, the show will focus on eight mid-career and established artists whose explorations can be viewed as meditative in nature. Working in a variety of methods, the show includes painting, sculpture, and “drawing” that incorporates both traditional and nontraditional materials. Each artist’s personal, introspective approach to their work begs the viewer to become contemplative while considering the final work.