A baby changes life forever in the sweetest, most wonderful way.

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A wedding is one of life’s greatest joys.

Join together, grow together, rejoice together – in love.

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A love this amazing makes each day a little brighter, each moment together a gift to treasure.

I wish you a birthday that fills your heart with all the happiness you bring to my life every day.

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It’s such a joy having someone in your life who’s so wonderful to celebrate.

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The people who brighten our days with their big hearts and joyful spirits are such a gift. We want their lives to be filled with all the goodness they bring to ours.

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To wish someone we love all the good they deserve on their special day makes that connection even sweeter.

Make a wish…And I will too…for a year that’s filled with dreams come true!

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Life holds so many possibilities for making a difference, chasing our dreams and being beautifully ourselves.

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Every day, life gives us moments, big and small, to celebrate. Birthdays bring some of the best.

So many wonderful memories… so many things to celebrate… so much to look forward to.

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Birthdays are so much fun to celebrate!

Wishing every happiness and a celebration that lasts the whole year through.

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Wish them all the happiness in the world!

“May joy surround you on your special day, and may happiness follow you each step of the way”

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When it’s right, it’s just beautifully right.

You’re the one I want to be with, the one who understands, the one I’m happy to come home to, the one I’ll love forever and ever.

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Anniversaries are a wonderful time to look back on a life of love and happiness while looking forward to all the beauty and joy that lie ahead.

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It’s not just about finding the right person. It’s about continually discovering new joys together and falling in love with each other again and again.

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Designed with bright, heartwarming artwork and cheerful, inspiring, genuine words of joy, support and celebration, our sticker pack includes 100 digital stickers to send your most heartfelt sentiments to the ones you love. Share life’s meaningful moments with your favorite people, one sticker at a time.

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