Whether we’re having a tough day, going through a challenging time or just not feeling ourselves, it’s those small, thoughtful gestures that mean so much.

I’m sending one just for you!

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Often it’s when we least expect it that life brings us someone wonderful to love.

Twisting and turning in unexpected directions…with hidden treasures and happy surprises to be discovered along the way… like the treasure I have found in you.

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When you’ve found the one who lights you up like never before, that’s always worth celebrating.

I couldn’t let another day go by without letting you know it.

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Making a wedding toast is definitely an honor. It can also be a little stressful and sometimes tricky to find the right words to say. A memorable toast celebrates the happy couple and wishes them well in their life together, while sharing a little of their love story, as well as your own connection to the bride and groom. That might seem like a lot to say in only a few minutes. But while what you say is important, it’s really about speaking from the heart.

Here are a few tips for saluting the newlyweds in a toast they’re sure to love.

Share your joy

Think about the reasons you’re so happy to be part of their special day. Maybe their love inspires you. Or you’ve known the bride or groom since childhood. Perhaps they were a part of your wedding or have been there for other significant events in your life. Tell them why it means so much to you to be there on their big day.

Draw from the ceremony

Was there a moment in the ceremony that made you tear up? Did you laugh out loud at something that captured exactly who they are as a couple? Were you deeply moved by their vows? If you’re planning to improvise your toast, the ceremony itself is a wonderful starting point for inspiration.

Tell a story

While the wedding ceremony will no doubt capture some of a couple’s history, their love story is made up of countless other moments along their journey. Did the groom confide in you when he realized he had feelings for his partner? Maybe you were there when they met and remember their first impressions of each other. Or perhaps you were at that concert, that party, that cookout where it was suddenly clear they belonged together.

Whatever words you use to honor the newlyweds, be sincere. Keep it brief (under five minutes). Be complimentary and appropriate, especially when using humor. And don’t forget to offer a wish for a future that’s filled with good.


Sometimes all we can do is focus on the moment right in front of us and keep trusting the heart’s resilience.

…as you face one day at a time.

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It always is even when we can’t see it.

I just know it!

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We all occasionally do or say something we regret that hurts the ones we love. A sincere apology helps to reconnect us, rebuild trust and make things right.

So very sorry

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We may believe in our gifts, our talents, the goodness we’re here to share. But a little acknowledgment never hurts.

Simply, truly.

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Knowing we have someone to share our life with, someone who’ll always be there with love, kindness and support, is one of life’s greatest joys.

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Each and every day, you make my heart happy.

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Some people just have a way of making us feel good whenever we’re around them.

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The one who knows you inside and out. Who makes you smile like no one else. Who loves you because you’re you.

For so many reasons, big and small.

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Sharing in the joy and excitement in the lives of those you love is what makes life so special. Aren’t your own happy moments even better when you know someone you care about is genuinely happy for you?

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It’s always wonderful when the moments that mean so much to us are acknowledged by those we love.

Celebrate the everyday moments that keep our hearts connected.

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A new baby opens us up to a world of the brightest joys.

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