This fun ice bucket looks like a pretty perfect accessory to have on hand at your next summer soirée. The funky design really reminds me of something you’d find at a swinging cocktail party of yesteryear – but the colors are so fun, fresh and modern. Wouldn’t it be great to have one of these in few of Kathy’s own summery prints?


Hi, I’m Jackie, a designer at Kathy Davis Studios. Today, I would like to share a project for creating something a little more special than a typically framed photo. Follow the steps to embellish a photo with scrapbook supplies.

Follow the steps and have fun!

This video tutorial features product from the Kathy Davis Happiness collection for GCD Studios. Available now at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

Not sure if you can tell, but, I have an obsession with COLOR!!! Sure, I can appreciate subtle natural tones, and am a huge fan of all things black and white, but the punch of vibrant color gives me a shot of energy and enthusiasm like little else! From the walls in my home to my wardrobe, color wins my heart. No time like the summer season to celebrate the palette of colors that envelope us…

the rich green of grass, the cobalt blue sky and the bright orange sun…and don’t forget the red, white and blue Americana theme that screams “The 4th of July”!

Create YOUR life in bold strokes and bright colors! Enjoy the season in all its glory!

one: Events: Fireworks Add some color and excitement to your Independence Day with Fireworks! No matter how many times I see a fireworks display, I never tire of the spectacle they create in the sky! Make sure this 4th of July to check out locations and times for shows in your area. Locally in Philadelphia (which also happens to be the America’s Birthplace), The Benjamin Franklin Parkway hosts the “Largest Free Concert” in the country every July 4th. Enjoy food, entertainment and fun all day long until the Grand Finale Fireworks at our amazing Philadelphia Museum of Art.

two:DIY: Colored Mason Jar VasesIf you’re looking for a way to bring color inside and recycle some glass mason jars that have been lying around, One Good Thing by Jillee has a great DIY on how to repurpose these mason jars into bright, colorful vases.

three:Design Trends: Design SeedsIf you love color or are inspired by color combinations, then Design Seeds is what you need! This blog was created by an Industrial Designer and brand consultant, (who simply goes by “Jessica”) as a way to bring a unique approach to design blogging through her passion for color. Follow this blog to get inspirational palettes based off of beautiful imagery.

four: Home: YOLO Colorhouse YOLO Colorhouse was born out of a need for healthier paint and better color. They stand for premium, environmentally responsible paint products with beautiful, simplified color palettes. They are dedicated to making beautiful color solutions simpler and to doing business in a more sustainable way.

five:Fashion/DIY: Natural Dye There are lots of different ways you can naturally dye fabrics. Check out Sweet Paul Magazine’s feature for ways to use different fruits and vegetables to dye natural fibers like cotton, linen and wool.

six:Charity/Event: The Color Run The Color Run is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community (our kind of thing here at KDS!). It’s a 5k un-timed race where thousands of people are doused from head to toe in different colors during and after the race. This even happens in over 50 locations in the U.S., so check their website to see when they’re coming to your area. They also focus on giving back by choosing a local charity for each city participating in the run. The Philadelphia Color Run is scheduled for July, 14th and is partnering locally with Back on My Feet. This organization uses running to help those experiencing homelessness change the way they see themselves so they can make real strides in their lives towards employment and independent living.

Nature’s seasons always have a way of revealing themselves in simple, joyful ways. From fireflies, to boardwalk rides – here are our top ten signs that the year’s hottest season has finally arrived. How about you –what are your favorite “joyful signs” of summer?

Daisies, Sunflowers, and other sunny garden dwellers.
Watermelon -the perfect summer picnic fruit!
A beckoning hammock strung between two shady trees.
Piles of books waiting to be read on a sandy beach.
A monarch resting in your summer garden.
Fresh corn on the cob with lots of butter and a little salt.
Fireflies gleaming from a mason jar.
Candy colored rides at your local boardwalk, carnival, or county fair.
Cannon balls, high-dives, and even a belly flop or two.
Bare feet and pedicures.

Photo Credits (In Order):

‘Scuse me while I brag a bit…but I have an amazing team of talented and caring people at KDS! My birthday was a week or so ago…(I keep trying to run from them but found that I can’t hide), and my team surprised me with a little celebration. Every year (for as many as I can remember now), some member of our design team takes on the creation of an original birthday card for me. Now, I do understand the dilemma. After all, we design greeting cards day after day. So these birthday cards can not be your average card.

This annual affair all started years ago when one of our designers hand-painted an original card for me that everyone signed. In successive years the designs became more complex…and even dimensional! I have had cards in the shapes of birthday cakes, banners, and even trivia card games!

This year, Anna, one of our production designers (who has been known to surprise and delight with her talents), assumed the task. She pulled out all the stops with the creation of a real piñata! This was not just any piñata! It was in the shape of our butterfly brand logo…and she fashioned the wire and paper construction by hand! It was beauteous!!! And then, I was supposed to smash it!???!!! Oh, no!

While we weren’t quite equipped with the right South of the Border style setting, we made do in our conference room with the help of two metal t-squares (that will never again be quite the same!)…and the daring assistance of my husband (and our COO), Peter.

I lashed into the beautiful butterfly repeatedly until I hit pay dirt – and the candy treats and individual messages from each one in our team came spilling out! In Anna’s words, it was “a literal explosion of butterflies”!

JOY was scattered once again at KDS. Now, am I a lucky girl or what???

I love the idea of toting around my beach gear in this great bag by echo. It’s extra roomy which means there’s plenty of space for my books, towel, and other odds and ends – but beyond that, the pattern is just great.

Summer really is the perfect time to accessorize in bold prints and bright colors, and naturally, I can see some of Kathy’s own designs working perfectly on something like this. So fun and cheerful!

June 3rd – Don’t let a rainy Monday get you down. Find the JOY in it! This fun Color Cloud by Paper Party.


June 12 – Joy through Living! Just couldn’t resist pinning the pic of this sweet little lamb. This late spring season is abundant in its beauty, teeming with new life…and renewed optimism. Hope you are feelin’ it like I am! Photo posted by Cathi Falconwing.


June 18 – Treated myself by spending time with an old friend yesterday. They have a way of reconnecting you to a part of yourself that the years may have buried. And, yes, they forgive the imperfections better than anyone. True gold. (apologies, but cannot locate original source of this marvelous pinned art!)


June 28 – Thinkin’ it’s time for some Friday fun!


June 30 – Good Sunday morning, glories! There is something about blue flowers that really touches me. Wishing you a lovely day.

“A smile is sunshine that warms the heart.”

Even though the health benefits are infinite, drinking plenty of water is a healthy habit that I struggle to keep on top of. However, with summer literally around the corner and the temperatures steadily rising, it’s time to get serious about staying hydrated. For me, a cute water bottle is the perfect place to start.

I figure if it’s pretty enough to decorate my desk all day, then it will be right there when I need a sip. This design by Alladin is my current trendy fave. I think we could all use one in any of these patterns along with a nice motivational message, Kathy Davis style.


A message from the artist:

I have a tendency to start each project with paper and as it evolves, without a doubt, I add some dimensional pieces. Almost always, my work becomes mixed media…which I love! For this show, I wanted to challenge myself to stick to paint and paper.

I chose a color palette I’m currently in love with and spent some time just playing.It was liberating to just let go and allow the spontaneity of the drizzling paint create the works. Eventually, I wanted to take it a step further and work graphically. I scanned a few of my favorite painted pieces and dropped them into some design layouts. The digital prints were born! I’m more than satisfied with this group of work and I’m so happy to share it with you!

Light refreshments will be served and the Kathy Davis Gallery will be open with extended hours during the show. Hope to see you there!

Hi, I’m Jackie, a designer at Kathy Davis Studios. Today, I would like to share with you an idea for an easy, effective scrapbook page layout. Whether you have limited time, or are just looking to create a page where your photo will really shine, this project provides a simple solution.

Follow the steps and have fun!

This video tutorial features product from the Kathy Davis Happiness collection for GCD Studios. Available now at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

Besides summer itself, flip flop season is one of my most anticipated times of the year. Nothing beats the ease of slipping on a pair on your way out the door, plus they’re a great excuse to treat yourself to a pedicure!

When I need a new pair, I buy Havaianas –they’re super sturdy and they come in an endless variety of patterns that make my heart and feet happy. I would so love to own a pair like these in some of Kathy’s original prints. Just add some matching polish, and a trip to the beach and you’ve got a pretty perfect summer day!

A family is blessed when a Father gives of his time, teaches with his actions, and listens and loves with his whole heart. Happy Father’s Day!

“Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.” -unknown

Well, actually, it was only seven minutes on live TV, but who’s counting???

As many of you know, I designed several sets of mug trees with our partner, Tabletops Unlimited as an exclusive offering for the home shopping giant, QVC. Their studio is located not far from us, in the West Chester, PA area. Yesterday I was invited to be a guest on the show “In the Kitchen with David” to talk about my product. We offered three sets of mugs with the themes of Friends, Love and Dreams. David made my job easy – he is very personable and is a generous and gifted host- and we actually sold out of the Friends set!

In addition, I want to thank everyone at TTU for their support and belief in me, Bill and Donna O’Donnell for overseeing the process, Laura Gibbs for her friendship and mentoring, the staff at QVC, especially Nick and all the stylists…and of course my KDS team… Melissa and Jon on the marketing team…and last but not least, my husband, Peter. He puts up with my whining, my worrying and always helps me carry the heavy stuff!

Here are some photos of my day…

 Getting glam with the help of a talented QVC stylist

Backstage before the show with my host, Dave.

Backstage styling of my mug product before the show

Two of my mugs got double duty when they were borrowed by Marlene Koch to help style her set for her top-selling cookbook “Eat More of What You Love”!

Backstage wringing my hands before my segment!!! With friend and mentor Laura Gibbs who is often featured on QVC cooking shows!


Waiting to go on was the worst part…


Still shots from the show as viewed from the Green Room, where my husband was hanging out!


For any of you who missed the QVC airing but would still like to purchase one of my QVC exclusive mug sets, click here to visit QVC.com. Thank you for your support!

It’s no secret that so much of the painting, writing, and designing that goes on around here draws inspiration from nature and its ever changing beauty.  For me, there’s just something about watching the seasons transition that I’ve always found fascinating. The shifts of color, changes in scenery, even the weather patterns – it’s natures story telling at its finest. I couldn’t think of any imagery that embodies this change better than the butterfly – the key focal point of Kathy’s Flutterby designs. The oranges and yellows offset by rich jewel tones and greens make this collection the perfect early summer palette. One look, and I envision a dreamy butterfly garden shaded in greenery and tucked away behind a garden gate.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect little spot to be inspired?


-Photo Credit –


Leopard Spotted Butterfly:http://coloredwings.wordpress.com/page/2/

Paint Brushes:

Orange Butterfly:

Blue Dahlia:

Book and Yellow Butterflies:
Found via tumblr.com