Assignments...deadlines...meetings...events...the back-to-school season calls for serious planning. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! With sweet dots and bold florals in lively pink and yellow to brighten each page, our new planners from AT-A-GLANCE make organizing your time during the school year something to look forward to.→ Read more
Who doesn’t love a late summer project – especially one that results in fun and fabulous travel accessories? Our new Kathy Davis® fabric collection, Peaceful Heart, inspires some great DIY creations that will help you or someone special travel in style.→ Read more
Summer is such a fun time of year. From vacations and day trips to barbeques and beach days, we all want to soak up as many joys as possible. Yet with all of our travels and adventures, life can also feel hectic, making it challenging to stay connected.→ Read more
While the fire department and the Red Cross offer emergency assistance to people in residential disasters, Jen Leary and her team bring emergency relief to pets.→ Read more
Our new August wallpaper for your desktop and smartphone reminds you to take life a bit slower, and just let yourself think about new ideas, new journeys, new possibilities!→ Read more
We all have messages we’ve saved from someone we care about — a voicemail, a note, a card whose words uplift us whenever we return to them. Revisiting those messages can brighten our day just when we need it most while reminding us...→ Read more
Working with dirt may not be the most glamorous job for a spirited entrepreneur looking to make a difference but Pashon Murray believes turning waste into compost is what she was put here to do.→ Read more
Our new July wallpaper reminds you to notice all the moments and enjoy each and every one. We hope this lighthearted, design and its sun-shiny palette inspire you to keep your heart light and savor every lovely minute of each summer day.→ Read more
We all remember the coloring books of our childhood – and how easy it was to just lose ourselves in the process of choosing colors and bringing a black and white design to life.→ Read more
Today’s Dads rock! They’ve evolved, they’re involved, and more and more they’re embracing the value of authentic connection. They are great dads! This certainly seems to be true of the Warrior Dads who graduate from The ManKind Project (MKP), a nonprofit training and education organization that has been hosting life-changing→ Read more
Olga Russakovsky is making sure girls will be a driving force in the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence.→ Read more
Our new June wallpaper is a wish for your happiness, always — and a reminder to make time for the things that bring you joy. We hope this bright, cheerful design inspires you to have more fun doing what you love.→ Read more
We’ve been so moved by the warm responses we’ve gotten to our Open Heart videos. We hope they’ve inspired you to share how you feel about the people in your life who mean the world to you.→ Read more
Think about all those amazing mothers in your life– whether she’s your own Mom (or any mom who’s special to you), your Wife, Grandmother, Daughter or Sister! Mother’s Day is your chance to express what’s in your heart to them! Look for beautiful Kathy Davis® Mother’s Day cards and more→ Read more
They’re innovators and trailblazers. Visionaries. Self-starters. Who step up to do the good and be the love they’d like to see in their communities. They’re ordinary women doing extraordinary things. And we’re honored to celebrate them. This is WomanKind, where making a difference means sharing your passions and gifts with→ Read more
Our May wallpaper is a beautiful reminder to feel thankful for all that’s wonderful in life. We hope this vibrant citrus and floral art inspires you to practice gratitude every day!→ Read more