Open your heart, share your love

Apr 26, 2017


Create your own video celebrating an amazing woman in your life — and we just might feature it!

In a world where it’s so easy to feel disconnected, Kathy Davis has always celebrated the moments that open the heart to genuine connection. Just in time for Mother’s Day, we’re inviting you to open up and share how you feel, in a video (no longer than 60 seconds), with a woman who means the world to you.

If you need a little help, go to to watch our videos and to connect with our partner Tribute to create your own. Either way, don’t forget to use #OpenHeart and tag us (@kathydavis on Facebook or @_kathy_davis_ on Instagram and Twitter) when you post your video. You’ll then be entered to win a prize from Kathy Davis and to have it selected to be featured as part of our campaign.

Below, we share our tips for creating your Open Heart video.


To prepare:
Look into the camera

Share your first name, age and occupation

Start sentences with context. For example, if the question is “Who do you want to show gratitude for?” You might say “Today, I am here to express gratitude for my mom.”

Finish the tribute with “I love you, ______.”

Repeat your name at the end with the phrase “And I’m a proud daughter, sister, granddaughter,” etc.


Questions to answer:
What are the qualities you most admire/love about her?

How has she inspired or influenced you?

Can you share a story that captures the heart of your relationship?

What do you wish for her?

What do you most want her to know about how you feel?

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