More than Just Happy Meals

Gathering around the table with family brings warm feelings of togetherness, support and love. What’s even sweeter? The many tangible and lasting benefits that come from sharing family meals on a regular basis.


Families who dine together are known to…


1) have healthier children 

The impact of family meals on smart food choices and obesity prevention cannot be underestimated. Research reveals a definite relationship between frequent family meals and lower body mass index (BMI) as well as healthy eating in children.


2) have happier children

A study shows that more frequent family meals have the potential to protect the lives of adolescents from low self-esteem, drug and alcohol use, risky behaviors, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and depression.


3) see better report cards

A boost in academic performance can be seen among kids who have dinner regularly with their families. Students were 40 percent more likely to receive A’s and B’s, and pre-adolescents scored higher on achievement tests and demonstrated better vocabulary and reading skills when they shared frequent family dinners.


4) feel less stressed.

Parents who managed to have dinner at home at least three times a week reported more feelings of success in their personal lives – both as partners and as parents – as well as at work.


5) spend less on meals

The financial savings from cooking at home are significant. Apparently, it’s nearly five times costlier to order restaurant takeout than it is to cook your own meal.


So what are you waiting for? Ring that dinner bell!