Kathy Davis Studios as a company lives its mission Create a Life You Love™ every day. Led by a management team of diverse talents, each member brings a set of unique skills to the Studio, where we share a deep-seated appreciation for creativity, art, connection and beauty – and the determination to similarly inspire others. We’re proud of our culture of kindness and professionalism and believe in cultivating teamwork through open communication and cooperative problem solving. We offer the tools to help others live a rich and fulfilling life. And we incorporate them here in the Studio, where we regularly celebrate life’s moments big and small – always with an abundance of food and humor, which are integral to our culture.



CEO & Chief Visionary Officer

Company founder Kathy Davis finds joy in
many places, especially at the beach, in
creative freedom and in her grandson’s
smile. She loves going for walks in her
spare time. And in a past life, she is fairly
certain she was a gun slinger, a belly dancer
and an assembly-line factory worker a la
Lucille Ball!

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Sarah web photos 06


COO & President

She may have grown up on a farm but Sarah
is definitely a “city girl.” She loves spending
time with family and friends — and cooking for
them, too! — listening to live music and hiking
in the woods, especially with her exuberant
labradoodle Zurie. A yoga instructor, she uses
her practice and its teachings to deepen her
connection to herself and her community.

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Executive Director of Creative

With two kids 10 years apart, Kim is a busy
mom straddling the arenas of grade school and
high school, so she can find the humor in just
about every situation. She cherishes her family
time, watching movies, spending weekends at
their camper or just hanging out. She loves
photography and making art from found objects.
Her daily routine is: Get up, Be Brilliant,
and Be sure to Laugh out Loud!

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Executive Director of Administration and Human Resources

Lorraine has been with the Studio since day one.
She is known to have the answer to virtually any
question about the company’s history, so it’s no
surprise she’s also a trivia buff who competes in
weekly quizzes. Family is everything to her,
followed by her garden. The lavish Friday morning
breakfast spreads she brings to the Studio’s
weekly Friday Festivities are legendary.

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Art Director of Brand Development

Mom of four kids, Jackie is also one of five
sisters. She’s regularly accused of always
being cheerful at work, no matter how
stressful things may get. In her free time,
she loves being with her family or walking
with a friend. She is an accomplished painter,
crafter and hostess whose large gatherings
are among any year’s best memories.
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Finance Director

The numbers guy at the Studio, Fred has a way
of keeping the creatives grounded in reality.
He loves being with his family and is an ardent
angler. He is also a master of horticulture and
landscaping who has built and installed a Japanese
Tea House, Torii Gate and Asian-inspired hardscape
and plantings on his magnificent property.

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Senior Advisor

Angler extraordinaire, bird watcher, horseman,
and most recently, certified EMS provider,
Peter is a man of many interests who has been
accused of being gadget-obsessed. He’s an Eagle
Scout who’s still very involved in the organization.
He loves to barbecue and cook ¬– as long as
cilantro is not required.

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