Make your holiday cards a gift that connects

Nov 30, 2017


We all know how easy it is to send a quick text to connect with the people in our lives. And when we’re not sure what to say, we can always rely on emojis.

But the holidays are a special time for celebrating the ones we cherish with heartfelt expressions of love and gratitude. And in the piles of photo cards and family newsletters, a card that comes with a personal note that speaks to your relationship with the sender is truly gift.

Not sure what to write? Follow our tips for making a thoughtful written connection.

(1) Express your appreciation: Acknowledge the role the recipient plays in your life and how much it means to you. Maybe there’s a trait they possess that you especially love or a quality they consistently bring to your relationship. Share the impact of that quality and why it matters to you.

(2) Acknowledge a shared moment: Did you take a vacation together, attend a concert or sporting event or simply enjoy a night of good conversation and food? Reflect on that moment and the joy it brought you, with a wish to share more time together in the new year.

(3) Show you care: For anyone who’s experienced loss or had an otherwise tough year, the holidays can be challenging. Let them know they’re in your thoughts, that you know this might be a tough time and they have your support.

(4) Bridge the distance: The holidays are a wonderful time to reach out to those dear to our hearts whom we don’t often get to see. Share something you miss about them, or catch them up on a few highlights from your life since you last connected. Let them know time and distance hasn’t diminished their importance to you.

(5) Look toward the future: Maybe this year you reconnected with a friend from childhood, a former co-worker, someone you didn’t realize you missed until that moment. Share how happy you are to have them back in your lives and make a commitment to see them more in the coming year.

Sure, it’s easier to simply sign your name with a standard greeting when you’re writing your holiday cards. But the cards we all treasure are the ones that celebrate the relationships we share and the beauty they bring to our lives!

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