Make time for simple get-togethers!


Here at Kathy Davis, we love the chance to pause from the day to day and enjoy each other’s company. We often gather for lunch, celebrate birthdays and milestones, or even just take a short coffee break together. It’s amazing how simple “time-outs” like these not only re-charge our creativity and energy, they remind us how much we mean to each other! In much the same way, taking a break from the holiday hustle and bustle can be a wonderful “bonding time” in our personal lives, whether it’s a casual meal with the family or with friends.



Plan something fun! The conversation will flow, and you’ll all have a great time catching up. You can keep it simple. You don’t have to prepare a full dinner; it’s enough to set out platters of cookies with festive beverages for your guests. Here are just a few ideas:


  • Invite friends over to cut paper snowflakes.
  • Gather a group to make holiday greeting cards for hospitalized children or nursing home residents.
  • Bake a few batches of cookies ahead of time (the refrigerated supermarket dough is just fine!), and have your kids invite a few friends to come decorate them.
  • Have a dessert gathering…without feeling obligated to bake! Pick up some goodies from your favorite bakery, set out a large pot of coffee and hot cocoa, and enjoy.
  • Have an informal happy hour – with or without cocktails. Set out some crudités and a few appetizers and invite everyone to the table.


You can do this! So why not take a break from this busy season, sit down together at the table, and share your smiles, your stories and your hearts.

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