Make someone smile…just because!

You never need a reason to bring a little happiness to someone’s day! In fact, often the best time to share sunshine is when there’s absolutely no reason. Because who doesn’t love a surprise? If you’re not sure what to do, think about the thoughtful things we don’t always do but know will bring a smile to family, friends…and even ourselves! Here are a few ideas:

Send a thoughtful note. Just say “hello! I’m thinking about you!” Or “I thought of you today when….” Or “hope life has been good to you lately!”


Share a smile with a card. Send a sweet greeting card. If you like to write your own message, choose one that’s blank inside. If you’d prefer to have the card speak for you, look for one with a message in the “thinking of you” section of the card rack.



Make a call! We still get a lift when we hear the voice of someone we care about – even if it’s in a voice mail message!



Send a text! Even if this is the easy way out, it’s still effective in a pinch, especially when you personalize it with a sweet sticker.



Send a little gift! Leave flowers at their door. Stop by with some cookies, a book you read that you loved, or a gift bag filled with a little candle. Use your imagination!