KDS and ConKerr Cancer – Helping Ease the Fears of Kids in Hospitals

Apr 10, 2014



A hospital stay is a frightening experience for adults, and even more so for children. The mission of ConKerr Cancer is to ease the fears of hospitalized children across North America and make them feel special by providing them with cheerful, individually sewn pillow cases that brighten their hospital stay – and even give them a chance to learn to sew during hospitalization!


Driven by thousands of volunteers across the country and around the world, ConKerr Cancer has delivered more than 860,000 pillowcases in just seven years to hospitals throughout the country, creating “miles of pillowcase smiles” for the children and their parents.  To support this organization’s efforts, Kathy Davis Studios recently donated 450 yards of Kathy’s fabric for ConKerr Cancer to use to create their awesome pillowcases for kids in hospitals. For more information on ConKerr Cancer or to get involved, visit http://www.conkerrcancer.org.

Pictured above: KDS employees, Mary Anne and Linda, and Jeanne from ConKerr Cancer.


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