It’s Personal – Putting your Heart into Your Message

Greeting cards are a great vehicle to help us express how we feel to the special people in our lives. The card is even sweeter and more personal when we add a few words of our own to tell them how much they mean to us. Let’s say you’ve found the perfect card for a friend’s birthday. You want to write a little something extra in the space at the end, but suddenly that space is looking rather large, and you’re wondering how you’re going to fill it.

Relax! You don’t have to completely fill the space. The mere fact that you’re taking the time to write a few words earns you “extra credit.” Here are a few ideas to consider – beyond “XOXO” – as you take pen in hand and confront that space.

Cards for Mom/Dad/Parents
Consider writing something specific about why they’re so special to you. Think back to something they’ve done for you recently and thank them for it.

– “Thanks, Mom, for helping me with ______. Love you!”
– “Nobody makes my fave pancakes like you, Dad! Love ya!”
– “Mom & Dad, thanks for always being available to help with the kids. Love you lots.”

Cards for Romantic Relationships – Husband, Wife, Partner, Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Mention something only the two of you would understand, using a pet name, referencing an inside joke, or complimenting them.

– “You’re the one who really gets me. I love remembering when we fell in love!”
– “I can’t wait to spend some special alone time with you!”

Blended family – “Mom,” “Dad,” or kids
It’s always nice to acknowledge your family members for the unique role they play in your life.

– From one parental figure to the other: “So glad we’re in this together” or “Glad we’re family!”
– From a parental figure to the kids: “You’re so considerate! I love how you______________ .” or “You’re so dependable! I can always count on you to __________.”

No matter who your recipient is, it’s important to remember it’s the thought that matters – especially in this era of digital communications, when people truly value receiving greeting cards. So don’t stress about it. Just have fun, and write from your heart.