In times of loss, show your love by showing up

We all want to be supportive when someone close to us loses a loved one, to let them know they’re in our thoughts and in our hearts. But beyond calling or sending a sympathy card, we may wish there was more we could do to show we care.

Here are some suggestions for gestures that make a difference and bring comfort to the grieving:

– Send a small gift card for coffee or a meal.

– Bring them a prepared meal or some food items from the grocery store.

– Ask them to go for a drink, for a walk in the park or to a movie.

– Offer to take their kids for an afternoon.

– Share your stories and photos with them.

– Give them a chance to talk.

– Honor anniversaries and special occasions.

– Do something thoughtful months or even years down the road to let them know you haven’t forgotten them, or their loved one.