How to Share their New-Pet Joy

Pets have a way of making life even more wonderful! A new pet not only brings a shift in our focus and priorities, but also a boost in happiness. That’s why, when someone close to you has adopted a pet, it means a lot when you acknowledge and celebrate its arrival and their excitement.

There are so many ways to share their new-pet joy. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Give them a “doggie” (or kitty, guinea pig, hamster, etc.) bag.” Fill a fun gift bag with appropriate treats, pet store gift card, toy and/or accessory for the newcomer.

  3. Send them a card – it can be a “congratulations” or even blank card – and write a short note. You can say something like, “Congrats on the arrival of ______ ! I know how excited you are, and I’m thrilled for you!” Or you can write your own thoughts. There’s no right or wrong here, as long as you express your delight.

  5. Pay them a new-pet visit! Be enthusiastic about its cuteness…and encouraging if they’re in the process of training it.

  7. If you’re so inclined, offer to pet-sit when they’re ready.

  9. Be there to support them, because having a new pet isn’t always easy. Whimpering puppies, for instance, are known to create sleepless nights. And then there’s training, adjusting to a new schedule, financial responsibilities (paying for that dog walker and vet bills). So consider stopping by to check in and hang out with them if they’re feeling overwhelmed at first. They’re sure to feel grateful and relieved, just knowing you care and you’re there.