Gratitude and the Joy of Giving

Nov 23, 2011



One thing that I am very grateful for is the wonderful team of people who work at Kathy Davis Studios. Honestly, this group is unique in the fact that each and every one of them never shies away from an opportunity to help others. Whether it is is simply sharing awesome snacks every Friday, rescuing stray kitties behind the dumpster or helping console a team member who is having a tough day, each one of them is always ready to lend a helping hand.

I so appreciate those whose kindness makes the world a brighter place. I was fortunate to have two parents who always went out of their way for others. For many, many years after she retired from her job, my mother, Ruth, volunteered at Manna on Main Street in Lansdale, where she made and served warm bowls of soup to those hungry and in need. Today, at almost 94 years old, my mother is unable to help others the way she used to, but even in declining health, she spreads sunshine at her assisted living home.

In honor of my mother, we, at KDS, help out Manna from time to time with food donations. This year is no different. When we asked if anyone on our team was willing to assist by donating nonperishable food items, cooked turkeys or volunteering to help serve at Manna the day of Thanksgiving, we were overwhelmed with the response from our team!!!



(This photo was taken a bit prematurely – We more than doubled the donation you see here)



(Melissa and Jon)


It really does my heart good to be surrounded by such a giving group.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

postscript – since this blog entry was initially written, my mother passed away peacefully on November 20th, surrounded by her family. While we will miss her immeasurably, she leaves behind a great legacy of selfless giving, unshakable faith, and a love and devotion to her family that will continue to inspire all who knew her. I am truly thankful for all the gifts she has shared with me.