The family table: It’s the gathering place in every home. Where we come together to share our joys, our disappointments, our triumphs, to reflect on the events, big and small, that give meaning to our days.

As we share a meal with those we love, what we really end up sharing are our lives and our hearts.

We invite you to celebrate the joy of this cherished tradition with Family Supper® — a time to come together to be nourished by conversation, community and good food. A chance to make each meal more memorable with special recipes, and favorite or new traditions. Join us at the table. We’re glad to have you here!

Sitting down to a delicious meal is memorable all on its own. But sitting down to an amazing meal where conversation and laughter flow, where we feel a deeper connection to those around us and a sense of gratitude for every moment shared — now that’s truly an experience worth savoring. We designed our Gratitude Centerpiece to be part of Family Supper® with that special experience in mind. Featuring 50 artfully designed gratitude prompts, each is intended to spark thoughts of appreciation for the good in our lives. Share a moment that made you smile or laugh, a kindness you saw that touched you, your favorite thing to do together … Each thoughtful prompt will help draw you closer together as you learn more about each other and celebrate the things that you love. Our decorative Gratitude Centerpiece will help you set a beautiful table while also setting the tone for a truly meaningful gathering.