Express the Sweetest Words on Father’s Day

Jun 8, 2018


Dads come in all varieties, and many of us have several men in our lives who are dads. They’re new dads…dads with grown children…dads who are our brothers, sons, grandfathers and uncles…dads in blended families…single dads…and dads who are husbands. Some dad relationships are close; others more distant. But what all dads have in common is that they play an important role in our lives, and Father’s Day is the time to acknowledge them.

Start with a card that speaks to your relationship with the dad in your life. Then add a little message from your heart to make it more personal. Here are some suggestions.

For your dad:
He’s your very own dad. Why not celebrate him by referring to something the two of you share? “Dad, I’ll never forget how you were there for me when____________.” “Dad, thanks for showing me how to________________.”

For a new dad:
“How exciting to know it’s your first Father’s Day! Hope you enjoy every moment with your little one.”

For the dad figure in your blended family:
“I’m really glad you’re in my life.” “I feel lucky to know we’re part of the same family.”

For a grandfather:
Chances are, he’s the most senior male figure in your life, and he has so much life experience to share. Why not tell him how much he means to you: “Grandpa, I love the stories you tell and the time we spend together!”


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      1. Jennie says: June 8, 2018