Embrace every chance to reach out with love

So many days can feel like a series of ordinary moments strung together. But in the midst of our routines and busyness, life gives us countless reasons, big and small, to celebrate. Often they involve an event, from the everyday joy of a meal shared with family to the arrival of long-awaited good news. But when we think about those moments, what makes them so memorable are the people at the heart of them all — and the words we use to let them know how much they mean to us. This inspiring video reminds us that being there for the ones we love, with support, with appreciation, with caring, takes so little time. Yet when woven into the fabric of our days, these are the threads that sustain and uplift us, and keep us forever in each other’s hearts.



Take a moment today to let someone you love know you’re thinking about them. Reach out to say “I miss you,” acknowledge something important that’s going on in their lives, share a memory you know will make them laugh. We promise: you’ll both be gifted with a fuller, more grateful heart.