We all have dreams! But for some reason, many of us find ourselves procrastinating instead of passionately pursuing them. Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck at the “commit and pursue” point. Here are a few simple tips to help you follow through:

1) Talk about your dream! Somehow when we verbalize a goal or idea to another person we know will be supportive, it becomes more real…and we feel energized.

2) Break it down into baby steps, and make a to-do list. You’ll find even the most mundane task involves multiple steps. (For instance, if you need to create a resume, first you need to gather your job history information. You may also need to contact people for references.)

3) Choose two or three of the steps on that list and commit to getting them done today. This is how you build momentum! Momentum is its own motivation.

4) Make sure you situate yourself in a place that’s free of distractions… and stay focused. Start by setting a timer for an hour, then stay on task for that time. Don’t allow yourself to drift into folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, checking mail, etc. It’s ok to take a short break when the hour is up. Stretch. Step outside. Have a quick snack. Then go back to the task at hand and repeat until you’ve completed those two or three items from your list.

5) Once you’ve finished those, look at your list, and choose the tasks you will accomplish tomorrow. Then reward yourself with something small. Treat yourself to coffee. Take a walk. Give yourself a half hour to read your favorite book.