Deepen friendships with heartfelt messages

Sometimes we need a lift, a word of encouragement or just a message from a friend to truly know we have a real support system and friendships we can count on. This is why sending a card with a message from your heart can be just the thing your friend needs to get through their day.

Let’s say she’s a pregnant mom-to-be on bed rest. She’s stuck at home, feeling disconnected and in need of a lift. Then she receives a greeting card that simply says, “Hello” or “Thinking of You” and a short message from you. It’s something she can hold in her hand, something that has a sweet note in your handwriting…and suddenly she’s feeling a little better about her situation, just knowing you are thinking about her.

Imagine someone you’ve lost touch with receiving a “miss you” card from you. He may be delighted to see your gesture as a sincere request to re-connect. He feels flattered, and suddenly, his day is a little brighter.

Maybe someone special to you is going through a rough time and feels isolated and despairing. A card that says you’re there for her can feel almost as good as a hug.

Personalizing the card for your recipient makes it even more meaningful, so why not add a few words of your own? If you find this a bit daunting, just close your eyes for a moment and think about what you would say to the recipient if they were standing next to you. Keep it casual and authentic. Maybe it’s just a line that says “I was in our favorite cafe yesterday and remembered the last time we were there together.” Or, “I hope you have an amazing birthday!”

No matter what the reason for sending – a birthday, holiday, illness, loss…or “just because” – greeting cards have tremendous emotional impact. That’s why so many people are known to save their cards (Some even frame and display them as a keepsake reminder of the sender). They possess a human touch, from the heartfelt message to your signature to the simple fact that you took the time to select, sign and send or deliver it. And they’re a beautiful – and easy – way to bring a smile to someone’s day.