Create a supportive family network

Few moments are more satisfying for a parent than to see their adult children enjoying each other’s company and genuinely caring about each other. Fostering such relationships begins early on. Alan Kay of Asheville, NC, understands this and because he is passionate about helping others to do the same, he founded the Better Dads Festival. The annual celebration of fatherhood is a chance for men and women to connect with each other as they explore what it means to create the kind of communities where they want to live and raise their kids.



All three of Alan’s own children are involved with the festival, from coordinating its social media, to developing its website and helping out onsite. Their support is no surprise, considering the relationship they share not only with him, but with each other.


“There are moments when all three of my kids are together and they’re talking among themselves and sitting in a relaxed way and sharing with each other and being curious about each other’s lives. I can step back and look at that, and it makes me so proud,” Kay says. “Seeing my kids loving one another and being supportive of one another warms my heart like nothing else. It’s really very sweet.


To create close-knit relationships in your family, why not start a project with your kids? It can be something as simple as baking cookies or something bigger like creating a garden or painting a room. Whatever the scope, it’s a wonderful way to connect while they’re young, and it just may blossom into life-long closeness for all of you.