Celebrate! Simple ways to be Spontaneous

We are all creatures of habit, finding comfort in our routines and the predictable rhythms of our daily lives. But sometimes restlessness or a kind of emotional fatigue can set in – and that’s when we know it’s time to shake things up with a little spontaneity. Wondering how? Here are five easy ways – why not start now!

1. Change your cuisine! Next time you’re dining out or preparing to cook a meal, opt for something completely different. Your taste buds will thank you for the variety!

2.  Put your radio on scan…then crank up the volume! There’s nothing like discovering some fresh tunes to add a little variety to your day…and maybe even take your music tastes in a whole new direction.

3. Talk to a stranger in the supermarket. Whether you’re standing in the checkout line or choosing a melon in the produce department, you’d be surprised to see how just striking up a random conversation can give you…or someone else…a lift!

4.  Try a new route! Wherever you need to go on a regular basis, take a detour. A change of scenery is always stimulating. Try a different drive to work or school…or drive past your exit when the day is done and see where you end up! You never know what you might discover.

5. Simply say “yes!” How many times have we turned down an opportunity for fun, adventure or just a get together with a friend just because we had to do the laundry, didn’t feel like leaving the house or…fill in the blank! And kids are the ultimate source of spontaneity with requests for a later bedtime, more dessert, a trip to a favorite ice cream place, one more book, etc. Often our first instinct is to say, “no,” but “yes” can go a long way to a little extra happiness for everyone.