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So here we are folks…3 days away from the wedding! I can hardly believe it. I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet. We are feeling SO excited and nervous and honestly, slightly overwhelmed, but mostly we are feeling really really blessed.

Our family and friends have been absolutely INCREDIBLE throughout the last year. So, for my last official ‘Wedding Wednesday’ I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of my wonderful family and friends and coworkers for making me feel really special, especially these last few months. My heart is full of gratitude for you all.

To my mom, Kathy Davis, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. You have gone above and beyond to give us what will be the wedding of our dreams. Words cannot express my appreciation.  Love you, Mom.

Lastly, thank you to all of you readers who have commented, shared your opinions and given me invaluable advice. I feel lucky to have had this platform to share with you all my thoughts and ideas.

Here’s to new beginnings!

Were almost there! I can count down the number of days on my hands at this point!!! I cannot wait! It’s been one heck of a year for us, full of some really amazing times and some really tough times as well, and after this wedding is all said and done…WE ARE GOING ON VACATION!

We both agree we have never needed a getaway as badly as we need one right now. We will be spending one lazy week in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and could not be more excited! It was an easy choice for us, since we both love Mexico and we know a great resort we’ve been to before. All we are really looking for is an amazing beach and a cold (alcoholic) beverage and this place will fit the bill splendidly  There are countless lovely honeymoon spots on this beautiful planet we live on. Here is a list of some other options we explored.


Big Sur, California
This is next on our travel list! Hiking in the redwood forest, miles and miles of scenic Californian coastline, bonfires in the woods! Obsessed.

Photo: Jeff Lowe

Charleston, South Carolina

We have been saying for the 5 years we’ve been together “we gotta go to Charlestown!”. Fresh seafood, southern hospitality, warm breezy summer nights, charm for days…what more could you ask for!

Costa Rica
The ONLY reason we didn’t go here for our honeymoon was because we were just there last year and LOVED it and decided to do something different. From the adventurous jungle to the gorgeous beaches there is so much to love about Costa Rica. It’s a great place to enjoy hiking, coffee plantations, eco tours or just relax by the beach  Did I mention they have more monkeys then people?!

photo: Chaney Kwak

We are getting pretty close! The tasks are being checked off the lists one by one, I’m feeling pretty under control…except for one thing, the WEATHER! We have a few weeks to go and we’ve been blessed so far this spring with many clear beautiful days. Each day it’s been lovely I’ve said this is the weather I want for our day!

I was feeling pretty optimistic. But today I woke up to the sounds of buckets of rain coming down. It was a reality check that it is spring after all and rain is a likely scenario. It’s a risk we were willing to take when we decided on a backyard wedding. After doing a little research and seeing some of the sweet photos of rainy wedding days I’m feeling ok. We will make the best of whatever scenario Mother Nature throws at us. Take a peek at some cute rainy wedding photos!



Photos by:Cramer Photo Splendor For Your GuestsBraedon PhotographyJames Christianson

Photo by: Krista Leigh Hurst Photography

As we approach the last few weeks before the wedding (!!!), the to-do list seems to be getting longer and longer as the time remaining gets less and less. So much to think about; finalizing the guest list, coordinating with all of the vendors, dress fittings, confirming honeymoon plans…

I could go on and on. Weddings are stressful! I like to think we have kept ours small and simple, and still these last few weeks are inevitably overwhelming. People cope with stress in different ways. Here are a few things I do to help me manage when I feel like I’ve reached my boiling point.

Exercise- Even something as simple as a long walk with my dog in the evening helps me to organize my thoughts and seems to put things into perspective. I’m lucky to have the beautiful spring weather to aid in the serenity these next few weeks.

Yoga- I love a good, gentle yoga class. When life around you seems to get crazy stressful, it’s easy to overlook the needs of your body. Yoga not only stretches you and rejuvenates your body physically, it’s forces you to check in with yourself mentally and make corrections to continue on a little clearer and stronger.

A Good Book- The world is a noisy place these days, between the infinite world of social media, endless bad news and junk on TV, and just the day-to-day stress of being human. The best way I find to escape is to light my favorite candle and settle in with a really good book. (If you need a recommendation, I’m currently enjoying The Good House, by Ann Leary ).

Sleep- I’m no doctor, but I’m of the school that a good night sleep can pretty much solve anything. I’m a firm believer that if a day is just not going your way, there is no shame in ending it early, hopping into bed and hoping the next day is a better one.

Hug Your Dog- This one’s pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t have a dog, a cat would suffice, but I would recommend using a dog for this. Dogs are awesome.

Spending Time My Fiancé- In all honesty, there are moments when I have said to myself, “Is all this stress worth it?!”

The answer to that question is undoubtedly YES. It is worth it. Something as simple as going for a long walk together, sharing a funny YouTube video, playing fetch with the dog, even going for mini dates to get frozen yogurt on a random Monday night (or Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…ok, were addicted, I admit it!) brings us back to the true purpose of all of this planning. Making a commitment to our love, and celebrating with an awesome party is certainly something to look forward to! Being able share that time with so many wonderful family members and close friends is truly one of the biggest blessings we could hope for. <3

Names: Peter & Kathy

How long have you been married? Married since 1995 – …18 years

Tip: You’re wife is usually right more times than wrong – so think about that before starting an argument. Choose your battles carefully – and most battles aren’t worth fighting for anyway.   

Also, if you can – have separate bathrooms -you might use more water, but probably saves the marriage in the long run!

photo credit:

One of the most fun aspects in wedding planning has been researching and choosing all of our amazing vendors; the photographer, caterer, and band, among others. Working in the design industry, I had a pretty clear vision of how I wanted our wedding to look and feel. There was one vendor in particular I knew was a MUST to carry out that vision… Love ‘n Fresh Flowers.


I had been buying Jennie Love’s gorgeous bouquets for years at our local Chestnut Hill, PA food Co-Op and Farmers Market. Using local and sustainable vendors was important to us and as a “petite, sustainably managed, urban flower farm” Love n’ Fresh is the perfect fit for us. Jennie grows ALL of her beautiful flowers herself at her small urban northwestern Philadelphia farm! Even more impressive is her design aesthetic. She creates lush, textural, naturally elegant flower creations of all kinds. We’ve been having a fabulous time working with Jennie on our vision and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for upcoming big day! 🙂

Take a peek at some of her gorgeous work!


Names: Maureen & Bill

How long have you been married? 8 years

Tip: Listen to one another; not from the kitchen or another room –  I mean really make eye contact and really LISTEN to what the other person needs to say.

Also, always ask about each other’s day, and always say I love you!

A couple of months ago I posted about including my beloved 4 legged friend in my wedding…

and today I thought I’d share some more canine cuteness with you… just because these wedding pups are so darn CUTE! I challenge you to choose your favorite. 🙂


Photo Links:A.  B.  C.  D.  E.  F.  G.  H.  I.


The joys of Wedding Planning

Names: Fred and Helen

How long have you been married? 35 years

Tip: In a relationship, dis-agreements will come up.  Remember, there is no such thing as “winning” a dis-agreement.  Most are often times petty, and will not be remembered after a few days.  Compromise is the key to a favorable outcome.  

Try to understand your partner’s outlook and even if you don’t totally agree, it’s generally not worth fighting over.

I’ve made no secret of my flower obsession here on this blog, so it’s no surprise that for my own wedding, I’m skipping the traditional veil and instead embracing my inner flower child with a fresh flower crown. It’s the perfect accessory for an outdoor spring wedding! Check out some of my inspiration below and choose your favorite 🙂


Photo Links: A.  B.  C.  D.  E.  F.

The joys of Wedding Planning!

Names: Jon & Deanna

How long you have been married? 1 year 6 months 2 days 17 hours and 53 minutes.

Tip: It’s all about the love! I think it’s key to remember why you started the journey you’re on, that thing called LOVE.  It’s easy to get blindsided and stressed out by everyday life but who cares? Life is full of ups, downs and loop-de-loops but you have to remember you have each other and that you’re in it all together. And with the right person, anything is possible and it’s all going to be A-ok.

It is officially THAT time of year when my patience with winter has been exhausted and every little sign of spring gets me excited; sprouting snowdrops, tiny buds on the trees, even the soft muddy ground that, just days ago, was hardened with freeze. My mind quickly turns to one thing….FLOWERS!

This year, spring also means my wedding (which seems to be approaching at the speed of light!). I thought I’d share with you some beautiful flower inspiration by botanical design guru Amy Merrick. Her aesthetic is breathtakingly gorgeous, tactile, and classic without being predictable. She makes wedding magic with her amazing compositions!


The joys of Wedding Planning

Names: Lorraine & Glenn

How long you have been married? 36 years

Tip: Make a commitment to each other. Work as a team. Life has it’s up’s and down’s, but if you work as a team you’ll get though it. Listen to each other and communicate. Be honest. Don’t hide things from each other.



I wanted to share with you this lovely little backyard wedding shot by AGA iMAGES. I love the “homey” style and laid-back vibe of the whole event. My biggest fear with my own backyard wedding is the threat of rain, but it’s refreshing to see you don’t need the perfect weather to have the perfect wedding!


*The above photo is from the AGA iMages website

The joys of Wedding Planning!

Names: Teresa & Alex

How long you have been married? Married 2 1/2 years , been together 11 years!

Tip: Always greet your spouse with a smile. Leave your bad day/bad mood/bad energy behind and start fresh when you walk in the door. A scowl and a grumble is no way to greet your soul mate. You have chosen this person for the rest of your life… show them you’re happy to see them! 

Keep a sense of humor. It makes bad times better, good times great,  and arguments shorter!

Always remember that you are a team. Plain and simple.

As we welcome a new month, daylight seems to linger a little longer, and I can’t help but let my thoughts wander to daydreams of springtime. This year, that anticipation of my favorite season is paired with the excitement of our upcoming wedding! As cliché as it sounds, the time is truly flying by. The time for “planning” is over and we’ve briskly moved into the “doing” stage. Laboring over the logistics and details, I’ve found respite in one thing…and that’s our MUSIC.

Music has been very important to Ryan and I, both as individuals and in our relationship, so we’ve been having the best time choosing our songs for the wedding. Our musical tastes are very eclectic, but we’ve settled on a homey-folksy theme for our special day. It works out great because many of our favorite artists and most meaningful lyrics fall into that category. Here is a small selection of songs we are considering for our wedding.


Processional: The Beatles- Across the Universe

Recessional: The Kinks- This Time Tomorrow

Bride/Groom song: Neil Young- Harvest Moon

Father/Daughter song: Loudin Wainwright III- Daughter


Mother/Son song: Cat Stevens- The Wind