Bring a new tradition to your table

Add a Gratitude Centerpiece to your festivities! Not only is it a beautiful focal point for your table, it will help your guests to connect in a meaningful way.

The natural wood centerpiece holds three glass cylinder vases – one to store our specially created gratitude prompts and the other two to hold whatever you may need for the occasion.

The simplicity of the centerpiece’s design allows you to personalize it according to the occasion or season. In fall, fill it with acorns, fresh flowers or a favorite candy. In winter, consider filling it with evergreens, holly, candy canes or small ornaments. In spring, you might choose cherry blossoms, forsythia or fairy lights. In summer, try adding patriotic flags, pinwheels or seashells.

The 50 artfully designed gratitude prompts are each intended to spark thoughts of appreciation for the good in our lives. Share a moment that made you smile or laugh, a kindness that touched you, your favorite thing to do together.

Invite a guest to choose a gratitude prompt and read it aloud. Then have each person respond to the prompt in turn. Another option is to pass around the prompts, so that everyone can choose one. Each guest can then write their name and a response on the gratitude prompt. Guests can take them home, or you can collect them to save as a memory of a wonderful occasion…and even revisit them at the next one!

No matter how you choose to use the centerpiece, the idea is to give everyone a chance to catch up in a way that’s engaging and personal, warm and memorable.