Add a pretty finishing touch to your cards and gifts



You’ve found the perfect gifts for all of your favorite people. And now it’s time to wrap them. Here are some easy suggestions for making a lovely presentation of that special gift or card.

  • Use washi or other decorative tape on folds and seams of wrapping paper or to add a festive accent to your card.
  • Add some fun texture by pairing gift wrap ribbon with yarn or twine.
  • Instead of tying a bow, add a fun ornament or small gift that you’ve made yourself.
  • Print out a photo of the gift recipient on card stock and use as a gift tag.
  • Create a monogram for your card or gift by cutting out the recipient’s initial and gluing it to a fun holiday shape — a tree, Santa hat, ornament or stocking — cut out of felt, glitter cardstock or wrapping paper in a contrasting color.
  • Use berries, pine cones, sprigs of greenery and other natural found objects to embellish your card or gift.
  • Create your own festive design on brown parcel paper, kraft paper or paper bags with a holiday-themed stamp roller or stamp pads.
  • Add some extra flourish to the recipient’s name on a card with lovely hand-lettering, doodles or drawings of holiday icons.