A holiday tradition

Ten years before she started her greeting card business, Kathy Davis began a holiday tradition that would become one of her most cherished. She began designing her own Christmas cards.

“I printed my very first card in just one color and decorated it with a hand-cut rubber stamp to add a touch of color,” she recalls.

Her kids were little at the time and she got them involved in the design process. The cards, including the envelopes she sent them in, were an instant hit with family and friends.

“I learned that people LOVE to see their names hand-lettered and decorated!” says Kathy.

She never imagined this beloved personal practice would ultimately inspire her professional career as a greeting card writer and designer.

“The positive feedback from friends and family who received my cards was the encouragement I needed to launch my business,” she says.

All these years later, Kathy still looks forward to hand-lettering and designing the envelopes for those on her Christmas card list — which includes 120 of her favorite people. Many have told her they collect the cards and matching envelopes and some even display them each holiday season.

“My Christmas card practice has become a major December project of mine!” she says.

It’s also a labor of love, her way of giving something of herself to the people who mean the most to her.