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Kathy Davis Studios and have partnered to give you a chance to win two (2) free flower bouquets. Keep one for yourself and Scatter Joy by sending one to someone special!

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Our signature Mother’s Day Bouquet is a lovely way to let mom know you care. Flowers are such a timeless gift to celebrate the relationships we cherish. And on Mother’s Day, they’re an especially beautiful way to express our love and gratitude for the moms in our lives.→ Read more

They beautify our world in countless ways and provide inspiration for how we decorate, dress – and, for us, how we design! Above all, one of our favorite things about flowers is that they are nature’s language for love. While we often think of roses as a symbol of heartfelt expression, this spring we’ve fallen for a less fussy but no less lovely bloom – the Lisianthus.

With their beautiful flounced petals, they’ve become increasingly popular wedding flower in recent years, but we think they’re a wonderful choice for showing appreciation at any time. In shades of blue, lilac, yellow, pink, pale green, and more, they brighten up any space with undeniable charm.

Even better, Lisianthus have been known to symbolize devotion, gratitude and long-lasting bonds. A perfect choice for Mother’s Day!

Why not send a bouquet to the mom in your life with a note that reminds her:

That her many small, thoughtful acts of caring have not gone unnoticed

You appreciate her for always being there as a constant support, friend and wonderful mother

You admire her generous, caring and kind spirit

We think that’s a gift any mother would love to receive!

To make your gift-giving even easier, we’ve partnered with Flowerbud to offer a special hand-selected arrangement of Lisianthus. For an added bonus, we’ve included a set of note cards featuring four of our beautiful, hand-painted designs. Celebrate the woman who means so much to your heart this Mother’s Day by following the link to place your order.


We all want our Moms to know we cherish the relationship we share with her, especially on Mother’s Day. But how do we find the words to let her know just how much she means? With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here are a few suggestions to help you express your love and gratitude.

Acknowledge HerThink of all your mom has done for you, from guiding and encouraging you to making you feel OK, no matter what. Acknowledge and recognize her for her influence and the things she’s done or continues to do that have a positive impact on your life. Share some of what you’ve been able to accomplish because of her love and support.

Mom, you inspire me to dream big.

In little and big ways, you’ve always been there for me, as a constant support, as a friend, as my wonderful mother.

Create a Compliment ListMake a list of all the things you love about your mom. Maybe it’s her kindness and generosity or her sense of humor and creativity. Perhaps you admire her positive outlook on life or appreciate the way she’s able to find joy in so many small things. Compliment her on the traits and habits you observe that make her such a wonderful woman and mom.

Mom, I admire the kind of woman you are, the way you look at the world, the way you care for others and the way you spread joy wherever you go.

You’re generous, caring, kind, smart, funny, encouraging, loving, giving, honest, compassionate and just plain awesome.

Offer a WishIs there something you’d love your mom to have more of in life? Or maybe you just want her to keep enjoying all the good she already has. Offer a wish or blessing for more — more happiness, love, harmony, contentment, beauty… Envision a future filled with all she deserves, and celebrate her with a shower of bright wishes and hopes.

May you be blessed with love and happiness…today and always.

I hope this special day that celebrates you is as warm as your hugs, as sunny as your smiles, as joyful as your spirit and as loving as your heart.

Most of all – say thank you! Sure, you know all the ways your mom is there for you. And you’re aware that her many small, thoughtful acts of caring make a big difference in your life. But maybe you don’t always take the time to thank her for being so amazing. Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to do so.

No matter how you choose to honor and celebrate Mom, what’s most important is that you do it from your heart.

To make your gift-giving even easier, we’ve partnered with Flowerbud to offer this Mother’s Day bouquet of lovely Lisianthus as well as a box of blank notecards featuring four of our beautiful, hand-painted designs. Celebrate Mom with a gift sure to bring beauty and joy to her special day — sent with all the love in your heart. Click here to place your Mother’s Day order.


From color and form to texture and patterns, nature serves as a rich palette for inspiration when it comes to the creative world. We’ve long been inspired by the instantaneous way they can brighten spirits or bring life to a room – with very little effort!

It’s no wonder, then, that we’ve drawn inspiration from flowers for much of our Mother’s Day art through the years.

This year, for a fun twist, we arranged for our watercolors to serve as a muse for a special Mother’s Day bouquet from – and we’re so excited to share the results with you!

Below are a few samples of the art that Flowerbud used to inspire a hand-selected Mother’s Day bouquet.

And here is the end result … a beautiful arrangement of Lisianthus! We could not be any happier with these graceful and gorgeous, ruffled blooms and hope that your mom, or any of the women who play an important role in your life, will love them, too!

Of course, we couldn’t stop right there, so we’re offering a custom box of blank note cards featuring watercolor designs to go hand-in-hand with your arrangement.

Click here and remind your mom she’s beautiful with the timeless gift of flowers!