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Our new July wallpaper reminds you to notice all the moments and enjoy each and every one. We hope this lighthearted, design and its sun-shiny palette inspire you to keep your heart light and savor every lovely minute of each summer day.→ Read more
We all remember the coloring books of our childhood – and how easy it was to just lose ourselves in the process of choosing colors and bringing a black and white design to life.→ Read more
Today’s Dads rock! They’ve evolved, they’re involved, and more and more they’re embracing the value of authentic connection. They are great dads! This certainly seems to be true of the Warrior Dads who graduate from The ManKind Project (MKP), a nonprofit training and education organization that has been hosting life-changing→ Read more
Olga Russakovsky is making sure girls will be a driving force in the exciting field of Artificial Intelligence.→ Read more
Our new June wallpaper is a wish for your happiness, always — and a reminder to make time for the things that bring you joy. We hope this bright, cheerful design inspires you to have more fun doing what you love.→ Read more