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Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in the home, as they nurture and provide relaxation. When we turn in for the night, here is where we are held and embraced.  We are restored mentally, emotionally and physically as we sleep.

Here are 6 things you can do to create a place of refuge in your bedroom from our friend and staging consultant, Jill Angelo.

Keep clutter to a minimum; less is truly more when it comes to décor.

Treat yourself to the best thread count sheets, pillows, blankets and bath linens you can afford.  Feel the luxury against your skin.

Declare the room “electronics free” — no computers, smart phones or televisions. Electronics emit static electricity, causing restlessness.

Set the stage for peaceful sleep in the evening by making sure your bed is made in the morning. Don’t snooze till the last moment. When you bound out of bed in a hurry, that energy remains for your return in evening.

Keep a fresh plant or flowers in the room, especially in winter months when it’s too cold to open windows for fresh air. They are life force and elevate oxygen levels.

Introduce soft lighting or candles to prepare the room for relaxation.

Jill Angelo is the author of Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into A Sanctuary. She has more than 25 years of experience in business and operations management, an education in marketing and design, and a background in psychology and the mystical arts. Her fine-tuned abilities and out-of-the-box approach to life have uniquely prepared her for creating sacred spaces for people with wide-ranging interests and budgets.


Part of Creating a Life You Love means not only surrounding yourself with beautiful things but maintaining a home environment that inspires peace, tranquility and mindfulness. This month, as we celebrate the theme Be Present, we’ve invited author and staging consultant Jill Angelo to share how our decorating choices can inspire us to be more present in our everyday:

Solitude is essential for creating, decorating, and appreciating your home. Without solitude, the crazy business of modern life is all too likely to take over and rob you of peace. Many of us spend most of every day in front of one screen or another: our smart phone, computer, the TV (sometimes all three at once). It can be exhausting to the mind and spirit. It isn’t until we disconnect—literally “unplug” ourselves from technology, close our eyes, take a deep, cleansing breath and come back to center —that we fulfill our essential need for peace.    

Solitude has nothing to do with loneliness. Instead, it’s about embracing quiet, celebrating its healing qualities, and allowing it to teach you how to listen more deeply to your inner world. Silence allows for contemplation and reflection. Through silence, we build deeper relationships. And, more importantly, silence allows us to become more present in our everyday lives.

When you consider solitude in connection with creating and decorating your home, welcome these clarifying words — calm, stillness, quiet, peace, tranquility — and infuse them into your decorating palette with textiles and color.    

Textiles: Become fully acquainted with what ignites your sense of touch. Is it deep, thick, velvet draperies? Crisp cotton or delicate lace curtains? Maybe it is a puffy, white down or thick, polar-fleeced blanket. A deep, worn leather sofa or a soft suede over-sized chair. When you are inspired by your textile choices, your rooms will radiate the clarifying qualities you’ve used to create them. Be mindful of the textiles in each room and decide whether they fill a functional need or simply appeal to your senses (or both). 

Color: The vibration of color is the essential foundation for our created environment. The amazing gift of color can instantaneously transform your home. Colors directly affect our moods and have tremendous influence in shifting the way we feel at home. When choosing colors for peace and tranquility in your home, consider these hues and their significance:

Browns are grounding and stable

Blues prompt patience and calmness

Whites suggest purity, peace and simplicity

Greens inspire balance and harmony

Here are 5 easy suggestions to bring peace and tranquility into your everyday life and your home:

Declare “electronic-free” moments, hours, or — better yet —days. No phones, computers, TV, or electronic games.

Use your favorite chair as a “time-out” chair — a place of sanctuary and self-renewal. Sit by a window. Read a book. Take a catnap. Make sure to have your favorite blanket with you.

Have green plants and fresh flowers in your home. They are an absolute life force and elevate oxygen levels.

Bring your favorite natural smells into the home with herbs, essential oils, or candles.

Above all, keep things simple and as clutter-free as possible. 

Remember, your home is a reflection of your inner world. Make it sacred. And beautiful.  

Jill Angelo is the author of Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into A Sanctuary. She has more than 25 years of experience in business and operations management, an education in marketing and design, and a background in psychology and the mystical arts. Her fine-tuned abilities and out-of-the-box approach to life have uniquely prepared her for creating sacred spaces for people with wide-ranging interests and budgets.

May the sun shine upon you. May your day be full of Luck, Laughter and Love! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Worry…we all do it at one time or another, and some of us are even chronic worriers. What makes us worry? Usually, we’re thinking about something that “might” happen. Yet understanding that there’s nothing in life we can actually control, it may be helpful to remember that worrying has absolutely no value…other than to deplete our energy, our health and our joy! So it’s really in our best interest to try to minimize the worry in our lives. How? Here are a few ways to help tame the worry beast:

Try a breathing exercise. Even if you only have a few moments, try and step aside and spend some time focusing on relaxed, deep breathing.

Keep a list of positive affirmations/reminders that keep you focused when your thoughts to turn into an anxiety whirlwind. Thinking positive thoughts and using positive words when times get tough can encourage you to see the brighter side of things and not let the stress of the situation take over!

Just get outside and move! Walk, jog, take a bike ride or even swim outdoors if the weather’s just right. Just being active outdoors can help you clear your mind and work through your worries. Even if you aren’t up to being active, simply taking in fresh air and sunshine is restorative, both physically and mentally. And when you think you don’t have time to take an outdoor break, recognize that that’s when you need it most!

Talking to a friend often takes a load of the mind. It helps to not feel so alone with in your fears.

Find a healthy way to get worry out of your mind by putting that nervous energy to good use. If you’ve got plenty of energy to worry and fret, might as well put that energy to work. Paint them out, write them out, exercise them out… the options are endless.

Practice mindfulness when interacting with people today. When you talk to someone, focus on staying in the moment and really listening. You may find that even casual “small talk” becomes more meaningful when you take the time to enjoy it!

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.” Eckhart Tolle, Author

The quality time families spend together in the present has a clear impact on the quality of their lives in the future. As parents, being truly present with our children is important, not only for the sake of our relationships with them, but also for our children’s well-being. So many big and small moments with children can be lost when parents are pre-occupied with activities or even thoughts about work, to-do’s, or personal issues. Such distractions diminish the joy that comes from being both physically and mentally present in family life. Conversely, many parents also allow children to engage in activities that interfere with opportunities to live in the moment with us. Increased use of technology, by both adults and children, can clearly add to these distractions and interferences. Whether it be extended television watching, cell phone use, or hours logged on a computer, electronic devices can serve to connect you to many things…often at the expense of the valuable “in the moment time” families can spend together. There are many different kinds of activities and moments together that families can enjoy when they switch off electronics. Provided below are some great technology-free options: Be playful… as a family, take time to play cards and board games, piece together puzzles, build a little obstacle course in the backyard, or create your own scavenger hunt. Be creative… do chalk drawings on the sidewalk, make photo collages, bake something, make seasonal decorations for your house, make a shadow box, build a birdhouse, make a terrarium, make a time capsule, draw, paint, listen to or make music together. Read Together… take time to read together or side by side. Family visits to the local library will open up new horizons for things to read and conversations to share. Family Exercise… do low impact activities together…walk, toss a ball around, play outdoor activities, bike). Find New Adventures… take day trips, explore your area through public transportation, rediscover nature. Perform Community Service… schedule family days to help in the community. Learn new fun skills… as a family, learn to juggle, spin a hula hoop, or do basic magic tricks. Talk… often times, families underestimate the value of talking together. Protect time with no devices on to simply talk, share, and discuss the events of the day.  Do Chores Together… clean out closets, plan and do “DIY” projects, detail the family car, give your dog a bath, update family photo frames. Also… as a parent, if you would like some suggestions or advice on how to better understand the impact of technology on your children’s lives, the following articles may prove valuable. These articles are provided by an important area resource, the Center for Parenting Education.  TELEVISION: TEACHER, TROUBLE MAKER, OR TOOL?




Contributor: Bill Lessa’s involvement in the arts spans his lifetime, and he wears many hats in both the private and public sectors. He is Vice President of Administration at Kathy Davis Studios, Executive Director of the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts, and president of the executive board for The Center for Parenting Education.

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