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Go out of your way to uplift and encourage someone today. Be their biggest fan! To speak positively into someone’s life has immense effects. What are some simple ways you can uplift and encourage someone special in your life?

Jon and Deanna’s Engagement Story
(as told by Jon –Kathy Davis Marketing Manager)

About the couple:

How did you first meet?
It was fourth grade and she was the new kid at school. I was drawn to her immediately, which is so weird for a kid to experience when I think back on it as an adult. I’ll never forget seeing her on the playground by the swings. It’s so cool to have such a vivid memory 20 years later.

What was your first date?
We’ve always been into the same music (except for her time as an ‘N Sync super-fan), so we went to a Battle of the Bands in our high school’s parking lot. It was awesome, and one of the bands playing that night ended up making it pretty big, and they were totally the soundtrack to the early years of our relationship. We still listen to them from time to time. Always brings back great memories.

What’s one of your favorite things about your spouse?
Definitely her selflessness. She gives and gives and gives to those around her. I love her for that. It’s inspiring, and I admire her for how she cares so deeply for her friends and family.

Why did you fall in love with your spouse?
So hard to answer this one… There are so many things about her that make her special, unique and dear to me. She’s just simply always been someone that I can’t live without. She completes me. No doubt about it.


About the proposal:

How was the question popped?
We were driving in my car, and I acted like it was breaking down, so I pulled over, popped the hood, asked her to come out and give me a hand and then popped the question. We spent the rest of the afternoon at our favorite restaurant and the evening celebrating with friends.

Was the location significant to you two?
It was the exact spot where I asked her to be my girlfriend when we were in high school. It may just be a parking lot, but it’s the most special parking lot on the planet to me (us).

What was the response?
Hysterical laughter, very loud expletives, followed by YES!

Valentine’s Day is the one day in the year dedicated to celebrating all the varieties of love relationships – between family members, romantic partners, and friends. Greeting cards are a great vehicle to help us express how we feel to those special people in our lives, and for Valentine’s Day, it’s nice to say just a little more to make it personal.

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect Valentine card, but there’s this voice in your head urging you to add a few words of your own – just to show a little effort. Kind of like going for the A+ instead of settling for the A! But what do you write in that blank space at the bottom of the page beyond XOXO and your signature? We’re here to help you find the words that say what’s in your heart!


Mom/Dad/Parents – Since a parent is the nucleus of the family, this one’s pretty important! Consider mentioning something specific about why they’re so special to you. Think back to something they’ve done for you recently and thank them for it. Maybe it was a bit of advice or some help with a project or “rescuing” you from a difficult situation or just listening to you.  

    • “Thanks, Mom, for helping me with _____. Love you!”    •  “Nobody makes my fave pancakes like you, Dad! Love ya!”    •  “Mom & Dad, thanks for always being available to help with the kids. Love you lots.”

Daughter/Son – Your kids! You love ‘em to pieces, whether they’re young or grown! Why not remind them that you’re so proud of them for a specific accomplishment, that you appreciate them for something they’ve done or something that makes them unique, or that you just enjoy spending time with them?

    • “I really admire your sportsmanship.”      • “You’re such a thoughtful person – I love how you always remember to _____.”    • “You’ve got the biggest heart.”  “Love you so much for the caring/fun/considerate/      honest person you are.”

Granddaughter/Grandson – They’re the apple of your eye, the ones you love to spoil, even if they’re all grown up! Here, too, focusing on something that’s unique to them is the best possible sign-off!  Let them know you’re proud of their accomplishments or tell them how much you enjoy their company and/or hearing from them.

     • “Can’t wait to spend some time together soon so we can [bake cookies/play a         game/catch up, etc.]”     • “So thrilled to know you’re happy [at school/in your new home/with the new         baby, etc.]”


Husband/Wife/Partner – When you’re in it for the happily-ever-after, you know how easy it is to just take stuff for granted. Here’s your chance to write an intimate little note to the most important person in your life.  Mention something only the two of you would understand…use a pet name, reference an inside joke or compliment, or say you can’t wait to spend special alone time together.  

Boyfriend/Girlfriend – Whether you’ve declared your love or you’re not quite “there” right now, this is the perfect opportunity to express yourself to that special someone.  If you’re an established couple, you could reference a few romantic ideas mentioned above. If you’ve only been together for a few months, you could simply write something about time or experiences you’ve shared, or offer a compliment.

    • “I love hanging out with you.”    • “It’s fun seeing our relationship grow.”     • “You’re so easy to be with.” 

CARDS FOR THOSE SOMETIMES-TRICKY SENDING SITUATIONSBlended family “mom,” “dad” or kids. No matter your family’s make-up, it’s always nice to acknowledge your family members for the unique role they play in your life.

    • For the “mom” or dad”: “So glad we’re in this together” or “Glad we’re family.”     • For kids: “You’re so considerate! I love how you ______”     • “You’re so dependable! I can always count on you to_______”

Brand new love interest. If you’re in a new relationship, keep your message light, fun (and flirty, if you’re comfortable. Consider referring to a fun moment from your last date.

     • “Dinner was fun. Let’s do it again soon!”

No matter who your recipient is, it’s important to remember it’s the thought that matters – especially in this era of digital communication, when people truly value receiving greeting cards. So just have fun, don’t stress about it, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Katie and Ryan’s Engagement Story
(as told by Katie –Kathy Davis Brand Designer)

About the couple:

How did you first meet?
We met in college at the University of the Arts in an Abnormal Psychology class, of all places.

What was your first date?
Our first date was drinks at the Good Dog Bar in Philly, and then we wandered around Rittenhouse Square and snuck into the fancy Rittenhouse Hotel to use the bathrooms. So romantic – haha.

What’s one of your favorite things about your spouse?
It’s hard to choose just one. I’d have to say he is the most genuinely warm and compassionate human being. It’s evident in the way he treats everything and everybody, whether it be our dog, an intern at his job, the mailman…he treats everyone with love and respect, no matter what.

Why did you fall in love with your spouse?
‘Cause he’s awesome. Ultimately, I think we just find joy in so many of the same things, and because we value many of the same things, it just feels like we are truly partners sharing this life. Love just happens from there.


About the proposal:

How was the question popped?
He intended to re-create our first date at Rittenhouse Square, but the day he had planned was in April, and it was the first beautiful day of spring that year, so the park was a complete mob scene. We had a fun day downtown, and as we were getting closer to the park, I said something like, “Ugh I don’t wanna go there; look how crowded it is. Let’s get coffee and go home!” So he chickened out, and we did, but the problem was that he had told our parents that today was the day. So we got in the car, and I could tell he was being weird. Finally he turned to me and said something like, “Ok, I just have to do this, ‘cause I don’t know what else to do,” and he had the ring. I laughed and said something like, “Really? Here in the car?!” Anyway, we had a laugh, I said yes, we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner that night, and it was perfect.

Was the location significant to you two?

What was the response?
Laughter and slight awkwardness that quickly shifted to happiness and excitement.

Finish this statement:

Our engagement was so “us” because…
It was so silly and casual, and we are pretty silly and casual, so it turned out to be perfect  If we had an over-the-top kind of thing, it honestly wouldn’t feel authentic to us. That’s why he didn’t even try to do it in the park. He knew I would have hated the attention that would have come with the crowds of people.

Happy February! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re cherishing love this month with a special engagement series from our Kathy Davis Brand team members.  From proposals in parks to parking lots, each story is sweetly inspiring and completely unique – just like each couple!

We hope you enjoy following along, and perhaps spend a little time cherishing the memories you share with your own special someone.

 Meghann and Shaun’s Engagement Story (as told by Meghann –Kathy Davis Senior Brand Designer)

About the couple:

How did you first meet?Shaun lived in an apartment with seven other guys. My boyfriend (at the time) and I went there one night to watch Sopranos with one of Shaun’s roommates, who was a friend of mine. Shaun and I were introduced as Shaun was running out the door to go somewhere.

What was your first date?We went to the Kutztown Tavern for dinner.

What’s one of your favorite things about your spouse?He finds a way to make me feel special every day – whether it is a quick text to say “I love you” or a random hug while I am making dinner.

Why did you fall in love with your spouse?His blue eyes got my attention, but as I got to know Shaun, I could see he was genuine, kind, hardworking, down to earth… being with him felt like being “home.”


About the proposal:

How was the question popped?We went to Tyler State Park for a walk on a summer evening. We sat down in a field to watch the sun set. As we were sitting together he took the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him.

Was the location significant to you two?Yes. We would go there all the time to walk the trails, picnic and creek walk.

What was the response?I said yes.

Finish this statement:
 Our engagement was so “us” because…We were outside surrounded by nature, which we both love. A unique part of that particular evening was that we noticed Monarch butterflies everywhere – they must have been migrating, because I had never seen so many at one time before.

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