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What does it mean to you to create a life you love? Here at Kathy Davis Studios, we’re committed to inspiring others to create a life they love. To win a “Create A Life You Love” 8×10 framed print, just comment on this post and tell us what creating a life you love means to you! Even a “like” or “share” will get you entered to win! We will post three winners next week!

Three cheers for the red, white and blue! The Fourth of July is near, and if you’re anything like our team, then you’re feeling pretty excited about it. Maybe it’s our love of a good party, or our close proximity to Philly – our very own cradle of liberty – but things are getting pretty patriotic ‘round here! Check out our top ten “Joyful Signs” of the Fourth below, let us know how you’ll be celebrating, too!

1.    Stars & Stripes: We wave them, raise them and proudly display our star        spangled flag!
2.    Time to Shine: It’s amazing how much joy one little sparkler can bring. 
3.    Outdoor Games: Horseshoes, washers and even potato sack races are        just a few of our favorite picnic contests.
4.    Patriotic Parades: You can’t get much more American then a hometown        parade on the Fourth of July.
5.    True Colors: Red, white and blue outfits (we admit this look works best on        the little ones!)
6.    Dazzling Displays: All you need is a clear view and a big blanket to enjoy        some of summer’s best entertainment. 
7.    Festive Fruit: We love a fresh slice of watermelon – a Fourth of July picnic staple.
8.    Splish Splash Bash: Because a midsummer celebration practically begs        for a pool party. 
9.    Festive Food: It’s fun to serve up a dish in patriotic shades!
10.  American Classics: So many happy memories are made relaxing around the grill,        waiting for the burgers and dogs to cook. Ahhh – summer!


Described as “Yearning, Lighthearted, Playful, Blithe, Messy, and Narrative” by the six contributing artists, this is sure to be a fun and interesting show! Please join us on June 27th from 5-7pm for the opening reception. Light refreshments will be served.

Featuring artwork by: Ashley McDevitt, Kimberly Beyer, Nick Eck, Michael Rausch, Bonnie Watts and Brittany DeSantis.

Click here to see a full schedule of upcoming events.

A slice of summer

He may not have donned red suits or big black boots, and I never saw him travel by reindeer, but my friend Bill Sample shared many other things in common with that jolly old spirit. The former cop who had a children’s hospital on his beat was deeply touched by the chronically ill or abused children who were frequent hospital visitors. So much so that he borrowed money to make a sick child’s dream come true. With that, the Sunshine Foundation was born, becoming the first wish granting organization for kids in need.

There is no question that there was a strong resemblance between Bill Sample and the Santa character we love…– Twinkle in his eye- check!– White beard – check. – Love for children (especially those with special needs) – double check!– Selfless spirit of giving – check!

Instead of traveling to the North Pole, Bill headed south to make his magic happen… to central Florida to be exact.  It is here, in close proximity to the theme parks that so many children wish to visit, that he built the Dream Village of his vision. On 22 acres, he had nine charming cottages constructed and specially equipped for the kids.  This village is right out of a fairy tale, except this one is real.

Instead of a sled and reindeer, Bill relied on planes, organizing air-lifts to carry countless children to their dream destination.  

Elves?  Thank goodness, yes!!!  There are countless volunteers and staff who embrace Bill’s vision of making kids dreams come true. Work like this takes a village, and there never ceases to be a need for helpers.

And just like Santa, Bill did his work behind the scenes, disappearing from the limelight to let the fun unfold. It was always about the kids.

Let’s not forget “Mrs. Claus”!  Bill’s wife, Kate, has been a true partner in supporting the organization her husband founded. As President of the Sunshine Foundation she works tirelessly for the kids, putting herself out there as their champion, asking for support, fighting the good fight, stretching past her comfort zone in order to further the cause she believes in so deeply. Kate radiates sunshine, sharing it warmly… and I’d venture a guess that she’d put the real Mrs. Claus to shame!

Yes, my friend Bill Sample was a modern day Santa if there was one. He found a way to help make sick children’s lives a little more joyful. Through the Sunshine Foundation, he gave their families a special gift by providing something that they could not make happen on their own.

Bill Sample left this world for a better one on June 4th, 2014.

It is now up to all of us to carry on the work he started. While he never asked for attention or accolades, I can’t imagine that he didn’t leave this life with a great deal of pride at what he accomplished.

By making kids dreams come true he made his own dream come true…making kids lives brighter.

I was fortunate to know Bill Sample and was inspired by his vision and fortitude. He had a heart every bit as big as Santa’s.  We all remember how hard it was to say good-bye to Santa…and as difficult as it is to say good-bye to Bill, I bid him a fond adieu with a twinkle in my eye. He would want it that way.


A Father’s wisdom goes out into the world through his children,making it a little better than it was before. His actions shape his family, and his loving reach is endless. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!

With the passing of Sunshine Foundation founder, Bill Sample, Kathy Davis Studios has lost a good friend and inspiring mentor. We’ve been proud to partner with the Sunshine Foundation over the past several years to make dreams come true for children with special needs. Many articles have been written to honor Bill and his contributions, but this one is our favorite. Click here to read the article.

You can make a lasting tribute to Bill by donating to the wonderful cause that is his legacy.

Click here to visit the Sunshine Foundation for more details and to make a donation.


Let’s hear it for dads! Whether old or young, there’s no denying the impact a great father has on our lives. On Father’s Day we remember all the times they’ve supported us, cheered us on and simply made us feel special. So let’s return that goodness with a few simple, meaningful gifts that are sure to make Dad feel appreciated. Check out these ten ideas from our KDS staffers and let us know how you’ll be honoring your own amazing Dad!

1.    Cheers to Dad: Have Dad kick back while you fix him his favorite drink just the way       he likes it.

2.    #1 Fan: Surprise him with tickets to his favorite team or sporting event.

3.    King of the Grill: Serve up some delicious burgers stacked with all of Dad’s favorite        toppings.

4.    Rest and Relaxation: Prop him up with a pillow at his favorite rest spot and        remember – don’t ask Dad for any favors on his day!

5.    The Great Outdoors: If the weather permits, spend some time together at a local         fishing spot.

6.    Sparkle and Shine: Get detail oriented with Dad’s car by cleaning the outside AND        inside. Bonus points if you fill up the tank too!

7.    Lawn Service: While Dad relaxes inside, complete a few landscaping and yard work        services – free of charge.

8.    The Remote Controller: Tie a big bow around the remote and present it to him with        his favorite beverage.

9.    Special Snacks: Whip up some of Dad’s favorite goodies or fun TV snacks.

10.   Pack a Picnic:  Today’s the perfect day to get everyone together – pack a picnic         basket and a few games, and enjoy some quality family time outdoors.




Posing at the Philadelphia Flower Show butterfly exhibit (March 2014). No sooner did I enter the room when a monarch landed on my flower printed sweater…and then a tiny winged beauty provided the perfect hair accessory!

 I’ll bet you didn’t know that June 7th is National Butterfly Awareness Day! 
The main purpose of this day is to raise awareness of butterflies and their importance as pollinators and their place in nature. To accomplish the importance of this day, the first Saturday of June has been declared as National Butterfly Awareness Day by The Association for Butterflies.

The Association For Butterflies works for the wellbeing of butterflies through conservation, research, and promotion of butterfly gardening and butterfly farmers. This day is set aside for all people throughout the United States to celebrate butterflies through of a variety of activities, such as:

•    Plant a butterfly garden to help attract these beautiful insects.•    Make people more aware of butterflies and their importance as pollinators through     local newspapers, TV stations and other media to help promote National Butterfly      Awareness Day.•    Releasing butterflies is a sound ecological way to help increase the population      during the warm months.•    Discourage the use of pesticides.•    Learn the study of a butterfly’s life cycle and the word “butterfly” in different      languages.•    Raise few butterflies in the classroom or at the end of the school year.

We love butterflies here at Kathy Davis Studios, especially because the butterfly has become a symbol for our Scatter Joy brand promise. I can’t think of a more beautiful messenger to help us share our philosophy!

Wishing you Joy!

Association for Butterflies – click here.

one:Product: Butterfly Prints
Embellish your décor with some uplifting butterfly art and sentiment from Kathy Davis. Choose from these two unique prints that are sold in both our Gallery and online store.
One Touch of Nature Print – click here.When you Scatter Joy Print – click here.

Butterfly Art: Anthropologie Window Displays
Anthropologie is known for their beautiful window displays that become a showcase for artful installations. To help raise environmental awareness, every April they focus on something specific for Earth Day. This year they paid tribute to the monarch butterfly, whose annual migration is at risk of disappearing. Since we are celebrating butterflies this month, we thought a look back at these wonderful installations was in order! Check out their awesome displays and watch a behind the scenes video of the window transformations.

Joy with Family: The Butterfly House at Hershey GardensNow open until September 14th, explore the wonder of butterflies at the Butterfly House at Hershey Gardens in Hershey, Pennsylvania! Open daily from 9am–5pm, weather permitting, the Butterfly House features 350 to 400 butterflies that represent nearly 25 North American varieties. A great activity for the entire family to enjoy!

four:Kids Art: Chromatography Butterfly CraftBuggy and Buddy have a great tutorial for a science/art project that can be done with kids! Start off with their instructions on chromatography using coffee filters and markers. These colorful filters can then be used to create a butterfly craft!

five:Film: Flight of the Butterflies in 3D
Experience the longest known insect migration on earth in 3D! Join hundreds of millions of real butterflies on an amazing journey to a remote and secret hideaway, and one scientist’s 40-year search to unravel the mystery—where do they go each fall? Visit the website for Flight of the Butterflies to check their listings for the closest showings.

six:Fashion: Jean Paul Gaultier – Spring 2014 Collection
Butterflies are plentiful in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2014 line! “Life is a butterfly! So all the collection is that!” he explained during a preview of his couture show. Check out the Vogue article for a look at his playful reinterpretations of the winged beauties.

seven:Charity: Butterfly Effect
Tasha Wahl is a San Diego artist who hides handmade butterflies at random locations all around the world. Wahl then donates between $100 to $500 to the charity of the finder’s choice. The butterflies are theirs to keep, but the gifts they give to someone else are the molecules of change that will bring hope, rebirth, faith and love to the world. She started this project last year and so far she’s dropped 25 butterflies and donated $7,200 to 31 charities. Read an interview with Wahl here and check out her Facebook to follow her butterfly drops.