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Happy Memorial Day blog friends! How will you be celebrating the day this year? Barbeque, picnic, family potluck? I for one know that whatever is on the menu, it’s always fun to have some party music playing in the background.

So here is this festive and adorable radio by Evoke Mio. I’ll be adding it to my growing wish list and as always, dreaming of how awesome it would be to design one using Kathy’s gorgeous prints.

So here we are folks…3 days away from the wedding! I can hardly believe it. I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet. We are feeling SO excited and nervous and honestly, slightly overwhelmed, but mostly we are feeling really really blessed.

Our family and friends have been absolutely INCREDIBLE throughout the last year. So, for my last official ‘Wedding Wednesday’ I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of my wonderful family and friends and coworkers for making me feel really special, especially these last few months. My heart is full of gratitude for you all.

To my mom, Kathy Davis, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. You have gone above and beyond to give us what will be the wedding of our dreams. Words cannot express my appreciation.  Love you, Mom.

Lastly, thank you to all of you readers who have commented, shared your opinions and given me invaluable advice. I feel lucky to have had this platform to share with you all my thoughts and ideas.

Here’s to new beginnings!

We are through day one at the National Stationery Show in New York and it has been great! We have a busy few days ahead but we wanted to take a moment to share our booth with all of you. When we return we will have plenty of fun stories and photos to share – so stay tuned!

If you’re at the show please stop by, say hello and grab one of our give-away bags. We are in booth 2658/2759.


As a fan of all things picnic, I was excited to find this amazing Lilly Pulitzer basket during my daily rounds on Pinterest. But as it often happens while online browsing, I quickly learned it was sold out – a limited edition never to be stocked again.

So I got to thinking… wouldn’t it be fun to re-create this with a little sewing DIY? All you need is waterproof fabric and some crafty sewing skills and you could give any basket you already own a trendy update. For ideas, check Kathy’s own laminated fabric here – I’m sure you’ll find something fun to inspire you!


We’re headed up to New York City this Sunday for the National Stationery Show. If you’re coming to the show be sure to swing by and say hi. We will be in booth 2658/2759. Check out a little sneak peak of our booth below. We’re excited to put on the finishing touches this weekend!

(Artwork by Ashley McDevitt)

Darling is a delicious vintage-inspired show that illustrates its lovely leading ladies in swirls of pattern and color. Each piece is unique and created with pen and ink. Join us next Friday, May 24th in the Scatter Joy Gallery from 5-7pm.

303 Horsham Rd.Suite EHorsham, PA 19044Hope to see you there!

Were almost there! I can count down the number of days on my hands at this point!!! I cannot wait! It’s been one heck of a year for us, full of some really amazing times and some really tough times as well, and after this wedding is all said and done…WE ARE GOING ON VACATION!

We both agree we have never needed a getaway as badly as we need one right now. We will be spending one lazy week in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and could not be more excited! It was an easy choice for us, since we both love Mexico and we know a great resort we’ve been to before. All we are really looking for is an amazing beach and a cold (alcoholic) beverage and this place will fit the bill splendidly  There are countless lovely honeymoon spots on this beautiful planet we live on. Here is a list of some other options we explored.


Big Sur, California
This is next on our travel list! Hiking in the redwood forest, miles and miles of scenic Californian coastline, bonfires in the woods! Obsessed.

Photo: Jeff Lowe

Charleston, South Carolina

We have been saying for the 5 years we’ve been together “we gotta go to Charlestown!”. Fresh seafood, southern hospitality, warm breezy summer nights, charm for days…what more could you ask for!

Costa Rica
The ONLY reason we didn’t go here for our honeymoon was because we were just there last year and LOVED it and decided to do something different. From the adventurous jungle to the gorgeous beaches there is so much to love about Costa Rica. It’s a great place to enjoy hiking, coffee plantations, eco tours or just relax by the beach  Did I mention they have more monkeys then people?!

photo: Chaney Kwak

Spring’s often fickle “now it’s warm, now it’s not” weather makes it the perfect time of year to accessorize with a pretty little lightweight scarf.  They’re such an easy way to add color to your transitioning wardrobe, and the best part is you a can throw them on and off as the temperature changes.

This lovely satin number by betafashion is definitely my favorite find at the moment. I’ve always thought that Kathy’s watercolors would look great on a scarf, and now I’m convinced! So gorgeous!


This 3 generation photo of my mom, Ruth Consaley, my daughter, Katie, and I, was taken several years ago.→ Read more
Then & Now: Mother's Day Edition→ Read more

Then: Donna & Teresa   Now: Donna & Teresa

What favorite things did you do with your Mom when you were growing up?We loved to go to Core Creek Park where we would spend hours flying kites, skipping rocks and fishing. But some of my fondest memories are of summer vacations in North Wildwood, enjoying the rides on the boardwalk, having a blast at the water park, and building sand castles on the beach. So many years of great memories!

How do you most want to be like your Mom?My mom knows who she is, treats the ones she loves well, and doesn’t let anything or anyone hold her back. If I could be like her in any of these ways, I’d count myself lucky.

Growing up, what is a favorite memory of your Mom?My mom would work at night, so I would write her notes and seal them up so my brothers and my dad couldn’t read them, and leave them on the kitchen table before I went to bed. When I would get up in the morning, there would be a note waiting for me from my mom in the same spot. It was a fun, special way for the only gals in the house to connect.

How has your Mom impacted your life / What do you most admire about her?I admire the strong, independent, creative woman she is. She’s not one to back down from a challenge and is never afraid to jump right in to something new. I love that she never takes herself too seriously and is always up for an adventure.

What is your favorite thing to do when you get together?We like to shop, lately at thrift stores and flea markets. And we both love to tear rooms apart and then put them back together better than they were before. One of us always has a house-related project going on. We’ve acquired lots of hands-on skills over the last few years that we enjoy putting to use!

What makes her better than any other Mom?Her unfaltering support of our family. She would go to the ends of the earth for us. And we wouldn’t even have to ask, she’d offer. We have been through a lot together, and she has always been our rock.

Describe your Mom with 3 wordsSelflessSpunky

Then: Joanna & Lynn   Now: Lynn & Joanna

What do you call your “Mom”? 

What is your earliest childhood memory about your Mom?
I remember my mom bringing my younger sister home from the hospital. I was 4 years old at the time. I remember her being so excited to see my older sister and I.

What things did your Mom make you do that you didn’t want to do? My mom never made us do what we didn’t want to do…at least i don’t remember her doing so. If we hesitated, she pushed but we were never forced to do something we really did not want to do. That freedom, I think encouraged us to try things without fear that we were bound to anything forever, we often persevered at our own will.

When you got into trouble, what did your Mom do that helped you learn? Although we got ourselves into trouble….my mom never made us feel that we had to get ourselves out of it alone but she certainly didn’t do it for us either. I remember a time, i went into a neighbors yard without their permission to use their swing, it broke while I was playing on it. It was weathered, not my fault, but my mom made me walk down and let them know I did it…. she came along with me and instead of scolding me for using it without permission she assured me it was an accident. She had a way of teaching responsibility without humiliation and supporting us to make it right instead of focusing on what we did wrong…Nice Approach Mom!

How do you most want to be like your Mom? 
My mom always had this way of trusting us enough to let us make our own decisions but teaching, guiding and disciplining us enough to make sure (or hope) we made the right ones…For the most part, my sisters and I made pretty good decisions growing up. How did she do that?!!?

Growing up, what is a favorite memory of your Mom? A favorite memory of my childhood is my mom driving us (my 2 sisters and I) to school in the morning and being there when we ran in the door in the afternoon. She was always at the ironing board, ironing uniform blouses, watching soaps and drinking tea… the smell of spray starch is completely connected to the 3 o’clock hour for me…. Crazy after all these years?!

How has your Mom impacted your life? What do you most admire about her? 
My mom made being a mother seem easy and seamless. I never remember her looking frazzled or stressed. I have always loved my mom and appreciated her but the true appreciation came when I became a mother myself…it was this instant feeling of… “WoW! My mom is pretty amazing!” She is such an important part of my life, we interact daily, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

What is your favorite thing to do when you get together? 
My list of favorite things to do with my mom just keeps growing… baking, cooking, shopping, eating, sewing, gardening…or just sitting on the porch. Just being together is always, always time well spent.

What makes her better than any other Mom? 
My mom always has and still does encourage us to be our own individual people. She doesn’t over protect, over instruct or over direct…. She “guides” and there’s something so admirable about that…especially being a mother now myself, I can really appreciate the ability to do that, it certainly takes a special one-of-a-kind mom!

What’s the best advice your Mom has given you? 
Some of my favorite advice from my mom is that you’re never fully dressed without earrings! To this day, I never, ever go without earrings…should I ever run out of the house without them, there’s a spare in my car, my purse & my desk!

Then: Beth & Valerie   Now: Beth & Valerie

What is your earliest childhood memory about your Mom?For a brief period my Mom was also one of my nursery school teachers and I remember her having some of the best ideas! During circus week she used to put a line of masking tape down and students pretended it was a tight rope. We even had a wild-west theme where she dressed up like a train robber, lined us up, and “stole” all of our costume jewelry. This obviously backfired when we all started crying, but it makes me laugh every time I think about it!

How has your Mom impacted your life / What do you most admire about her?From early on I’ve been a witness to my Mom’s strong work ethic. She successfully completed grad school as a commuter and with three young girls. Even though she often got home at midnight, she was still up early the next morning, making our lunches and getting us out the door on time. She’s never lost sight of what’s really valuable- and that’s what I admire most about her.

What is your favorite thing to do when you get together?Honestly- probably shopping! I trust her judgment, and I’m always having her try on things she might not otherwise.

What’s the best advice your Mom has given you?“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” Sometimes the best advice is the simplest.

Describe your Mom with 3 wordsStrong, Funny & Stylish!

Then: Meghann & Kim   Now: Kim & Meghann with sister Erin

What do you call your “Mom”?Mom

What is the most special moment you shared with your Mom?Introducing her to her grandson for the first time

How do you most want to be like your Mom?I hope I can be as caring for other people as my mom is – whether it is her children, her students, her friends, her husband or her parents – she has always gone the extra mile to show she cares.

Growing up, what is a favorite memory of your Mom?There are so many, but I loved listening to my mom read us the Little House on the Prairie series of books, a chapter at a time, before bed when my brother, sister and I were young.

How has your Mom impacted your life / What do you most admire about her?Her drive and determination – her work ethic. I try to model how I run my household, manage my time and go about my work like her.

What is your favorite thing to do when you get together?Talk

Do you have a funny story or memory you would like to share?The year before I got married I lived at home and just about every evening, Mom and I would go for a brisk walk and have some of the best conversations about all kinds of things. I really treasure those walks.

What makes her better than any other Mom?Her love and dedication to family

Describe your Mom with 3 wordsLoving, dedicated, strong

Then: Carol & Kim   Now: Carol & Kim

What do you call your “Mom”?I call her Mom – but whenever I talk to my sister we always refer to my mom as Mommy.

What is your earliest childhood memory about your Mom?I remember my mom putting my hair in rollers for special occasions and she always used dippy doo which I can still remember loving the smell of. What a weird hair product!

What favorite things did you do with your Mom when you were growing up? Going camping and flea marketing was always such fun with my mom

What is your favorite thing to do when you get together? Drink wine, tell funny stories and Laugh!

Do you have a funny story or memory you would like to share? I can remember a canoe ride that went bad. We had a lovely day canoeing about but the weather took a shift for the worse and the winds picked up and the pond we had to cross became very rough. My mom and dad were struggling to paddle us to shore and told us to hold on tight!! Well the canoe capsized but my sister and I did what we were told and held on tight…my parents talk about the panic they felt when we didn’t pop to the surface…and then the relief when my dad flip the canoe over and there we were holding tight! Quite a memorable afternoon for us all.

What makes her better than any other Mom? 
She’s MINE!!

Describe your Mom with 3 wordsKind, Thoughtful, Funny