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Apr 30, 2013


Kathy Davis – Art and Soul

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Kathy Davis – Scatter Joy

A Kathy Davis take on the trends of the moment.By Valerie

Ever since we celebrated Earth Day last week, I’ve been feeling a little more green than usual. So now seems like the perfect time to share this eco-friendly produce bag designed by Harvest Haversack. It always feels good to make earth-conscious choices, especially when they’re as fun as carrying this reusable tote! Don’t you think some of Kathy’s veggie prints would look cute on a product like this?



Beginning her own company in 1990, Kathy launched several lines of greeting cards with various publishers. Her ability to scatter joy by using expressive art and thoughtful sentiment has captured today’s consumer. Starting out with a small drawing table in the corner of her bedroom, she has grown to become one of the industry’s most respected talents.


A long time member of the KDS “family” (and Kathy’s daughter), Katie Davis joined the team full-time in 2011 after graduating with a degree in Photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. When she is not busy designing and photographing for KDS, you can find her eating lots of veggies, rolling in the grass with her dog, Abie, and planning her upcoming wedding.


Fresh out of school, I joined the design team in 2011. Like many of Kathy’s bright designs – my personal style guide has always been that a little pop of color fun can go a long way to bring joy to our everyday lives. From my own closet filled with accessories to even my car- a bright orange VW bug- a colorful outlook is one I strive to live by. From time to time, I would love to give you a view of the KDS world through the eyes of one of it’s designers, and share some of my thoughts on recent trends in style, design, and one of my favorite past times… retail therapy, a.k.a.—shopping.

Names: Peter & Kathy

How long have you been married? Married since 1995 – …18 years

Tip: You’re wife is usually right more times than wrong – so think about that before starting an argument. Choose your battles carefully – and most battles aren’t worth fighting for anyway.   

Also, if you can – have separate bathrooms -you might use more water, but probably saves the marriage in the long run!

Join us in the Scatter Joy Gallery for our group art show! The theme for this show is “April Showers Bring May Flowers”. Enjoy light refreshments and the variety of artwork created by some of our staff from 5pm-7pm this Friday, April 26th. Hope to see you there!

303 Horsham Rd. Suite GHorsham, PA 19044

Click here for directions.

A Kathy Davis take on the trends of the moment.By Valerie

I must confess: I don’t have the best track record with umbrellas. I break them, misplace them, leave them on buses and when it’s actually raining, I can never find them. Despite my neglect, something tells me that if I owned this polka-dotted beauty by Gina & May, I’d never let it out of my sight. Don’t you think one of Kathy’s Fantasy Garden prints would look great on a product like this? With her fun designs and use of bold colors, a KD original umbrella would certainly be a bright spot during this rainy springtime month.


Kathy recently had a great interview with blogger Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women! They had a blast chatting about how Kathy’s career beginnings, how she created her company, her mission to start a community arts center and her overall creative journey.

Click on the video link below to enjoy the entire interview.


The paragraph below is taken from the Smart Creative Women website:

“I was so excited to talk to Kathy Davis about her career, her business and her personal artistic journey. She is a greeting card MASTER, painting and writing meaningful messages to “scatter joy” out into the world.

She is such a warm,  down to earth entrepreneur.  If you are in need of some inspiration, this is the interview to watch. You’ll find out just how much art the Kathy Davis Studio produces every year and how she at one time  doubted herself and her own abilities. Read: It happens to everyone but you can get past it! Kathy has pushed past her own doubts and has gone on to  employ a team of 23!  Kathy Davis and her team have sold over 400 million cards to date! Wow and wow!  They have even opened a new store in Pennsylvania.  If you can’t make it, you can shop right on her website.

Kathy not only creates beautiful art for multiple products but also has a vision to support the arts and artists. (Gotta love that!) Listen in to all the details and find out more about this amazing smart creative woman.”

photo credit:

One of the most fun aspects in wedding planning has been researching and choosing all of our amazing vendors; the photographer, caterer, and band, among others. Working in the design industry, I had a pretty clear vision of how I wanted our wedding to look and feel. There was one vendor in particular I knew was a MUST to carry out that vision… Love ‘n Fresh Flowers.


I had been buying Jennie Love’s gorgeous bouquets for years at our local Chestnut Hill, PA food Co-Op and Farmers Market. Using local and sustainable vendors was important to us and as a “petite, sustainably managed, urban flower farm” Love n’ Fresh is the perfect fit for us. Jennie grows ALL of her beautiful flowers herself at her small urban northwestern Philadelphia farm! Even more impressive is her design aesthetic. She creates lush, textural, naturally elegant flower creations of all kinds. We’ve been having a fabulous time working with Jennie on our vision and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for upcoming big day! 🙂

Take a peek at some of her gorgeous work!


I love the sense of newness that comes with spring- new life, new scenery, and new colors that pop up with each and every springtime bud. It seems like the season’s upbeat change happens both in and out of our homes. Outside sunlight lingers longer, giving us the chance to spend some much needed time outdoors. Once we’re inside, we find ourselves re-organizing and revitalizing our living spaces with a fresh coat of paint here, and a bright new accessory there.

This month, the inspiration for my style guide stems from the concept of clean newness balanced with fresh, bright colors – something Kathy pulls off perfectly with her cheery Spring Garden patterns. I would love to try redecorating with a few of these colors myself- what a welcome breath of fresh air!



Place Setting and Pillows:

Three Floral Arrangements:

Tea And Tablecloth:

Pink Pansy:

Vase of Tulips:Found via



One of my favorite things about our new retail space is that it opens up to our adjacent Scatter Joy Gallery!

For the past several years our studio has hosted monthly gallery shows featuring the work of our talented design team. Now that we moved our gallery space downstairs next to the store, we have an even greater opportunity to Scatter Joy through Art!

We have both individual and group shows and occasionally host groups or artists from the community. On display during our Grand Opening is the work of Hatboro-Horsham High School students. You’ll find their work to be really amazing! On March 21st, our brand new space was christened by a wonderful event for family and friends of the students. This video clip, produced by the high school, shows some highlights of the evening.

Next up for the Scatter Joy Gallery will be a Group Show from Kathy Davis Studios entitled “April Showers Bring May Flowers”. Join us for our Fourth Friday celebration on April 26th from 5-7.


Thought I’d tempt you with just a few of the beautiful and unique products that we are carrying in our gallery in addition to my Kathy Davis licensed collections. As you will see, we love eco-conscious and handmade products, and offer an assortment of local goods as well as items from third world countries.

Necklaces & Bracelets from Aria

Aria Handmade is an eclectic artisan collection of handcrafted jewelry and apparel inspired through eco-consciousness.  They use hand-harvested seeds from the Amazon Rainforest, recycled metals, and fibers.  Each piece has a story, which creates conversations and the opportunity to fall in love with it.  

Candles from Kobo Candleswww.kobocandles.comThe Seeds Collection

A true cradle-to-cradle endeavor, the Seeds Collection represents a new and unique approach to product and packaging: their environmentally-friendly candles are sold in fully recycled, biodegradable, FSC-Certified, plantable packages which are infused with seeds that will grow the scent of the candle.

Soaps and Solid Perfume from the Soap & Paper

These gorgeous soaps combine all natural, beautifully scented, handmade products wrapped in exquisite, earth friendly packages. Each fragrance is designed to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Each pattern is designed with the fragrance in mind, starting as a hand drawing often inspired by nature and finished with a modern flair.

Hand crafted in New York, much care and attention goes into each item, from sketch through production, making each product totally unique.

Natural, Beautiful, Recyclable, and Reusable!


I promised my husband that every item we buy for the gallery is something I will be able to use myself…just in case it doesn’t sell…but I just may have to beat our customers to the punch!

You’ll find lots of fun and unique gifts for birthdays, hostess gifts, Mother’s Day…or maybe… just for YOU!


By now you have seen our JOY sign and some of our fixtures…so what about the “goods”, you may ask…

Well, I guess it’s no surprise that you will find a wide range of my product on our shelves.


It wouldn’t be a Kathy Davis store without greeting cards, so we have a nice selection on hand for you, including our American Greetings everyday collection, our signature line carried in Papyrus stores, as well as the latest release of Mother’s Day cards just in time for Moms’ special day next month.

In addition, you will find an array of my products including: matted and framed prints, fabric fat quarters, scrapbooking papers and supplies, books, tableware and other products for the home. We have also stocked copies of the recent “Where Women Create” magazine, where I was honored to have my cover story featured.

Tomorrow I will tell you about some of the other product we’ve gathered to complement our mix!

Hope you can stop by our Grand Opening on Friday between 5-7p and Saturday between 10a-4p. We have some specials and give-aways this weekend to help kick-start our celebration!

Regular store hours will be M-F 10-6 and Saturdays 10-4.


Names: Maureen & Bill

How long have you been married? 8 years

Tip: Listen to one another; not from the kitchen or another room –  I mean really make eye contact and really LISTEN to what the other person needs to say.

Also, always ask about each other’s day, and always say I love you!

Getting our Gallery ready has been a creative challenge from the get-go! We have been gathering quite a unique blend of tables and shelving to give some flair to our small space.

Among my favorites is this old workbench that belonged to my grandfather. When we found it dismantled and deteriorating in our garage, it looked pretty dismal, but with help from our handymen Tim and Keith, it became transformed into our proud cash wrap, with a shiny new glass surface! I bet it holds some stories deep in its wooden pores!

This snappy citron-colored case will house some of our more precious pieces, like these beautiful embroidered pillows. (We had been debating whether to call the color of the case yellow or green, but I think “citron” suits it to a “T”! (citron. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary…. a greenish yellow color)

A special find at the “Dump”, this pretty piece has been described to us as a Mexican Wedding Table. Covered with designs in a delicate hammered tin, I think it will make a great place to show off a changing array of product.

Our friends at Philadelphia Salvage rescued this small desk from a metal factory in Baltimore. It sat in the receiving department and served as the workspace for a man who used it for over 40 years!!! Talk about stories…

Now, in its second life, this sweet piece is home to my books and tableware.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our fun finds and reading the little stories that make them special.


In nature and on the runway, green has taken it’s place as the up and coming color of the season. What I love about this trendy hue is that it pairs well with so many different colors. Take this beautiful statement necklace – the teal and sage-green stones look so pretty against the yellow-gold chain.

This color combo in particular really reminds me of a few of my favorite patterns from Kathy’s Enchantment collection. Both are so fresh, and green, and lovely!


Find Similar Here:

That one little word pretty much sums up the feelings around here this week! Our Kathy Davis Gallery and retail store is primping and priming for its Grand Opening this weekend!

It has been many years since closing my shop at the Montgomery Mall in our suburban Philadelphia area, and while it didn’t make sense for our small business to maintain an off-site store at the time, I have missed it. When the space right next to our present studio was vacated by a dry cleaner, we decided the time and the place was right. For several months we have been busy bringing the dreams of a store back to life!

These light –up JOY letters are one of the first things we found to help give our new Gallery some personality! While poking around the Piers of The New York Gift Show, my husband, Peter, spied a series of alphabet letters on display and instantly knew we needed to bring back some JOY for our small store. They look great welcoming our visitors…and do an excellent job broadcasting our mission to Scatter Joy through Art, Living and Giving!

I do hope you can come celebrate with us this Friday, April 12th from 5-7 pm. The Grand Opening continues on Saturday between 10-4, with specials and freebies…and lots of JOY for sale!

Gallery hours during normal business hours will be M-F, 10-6 and Saturdays, 10-4.