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The joys of Wedding Planning

Names: Lorraine & Glenn

How long you have been married? 36 years

Tip: Make a commitment to each other. Work as a team. Life has it’s up’s and down’s, but if you work as a team you’ll get though it. Listen to each other and communicate. Be honest. Don’t hide things from each other.



I wanted to share with you this lovely little backyard wedding shot by AGA iMAGES. I love the “homey” style and laid-back vibe of the whole event. My biggest fear with my own backyard wedding is the threat of rain, but it’s refreshing to see you don’t need the perfect weather to have the perfect wedding!


*The above photo is from the AGA iMages website

Since both Valentine’s Day and Faschnaut Day fell in the same week this year, there have been quite a lot of treats circulating the KDS studio. So, while I’m at the peak of my sugar high, I thought I’d share these adorable little macaroon-shaped trinket boxes.

I just love the soft pastel colors they come in – a palette that feels similar to Kathy’s equally lovely Enchantment patterns. Wouldn’t it be fun to tuck a little surprise or love note inside these beauties?


I will stay by your side forever and always.

At the risk of overdosing you on the news about our Where Women Create magazine article and cover (we’re excited!), I thought I’d share some personal reflections about “shooting day” back in September 2012.

First of all, for those of you who may be unfamiliar, Where Women Create is a magazine published by Stampington and Company’s Somerset Studio, featuring “Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women”. Founded and edited by the incomparable Jo Packham, WWC is part of a growing empire of gorgeous magazines. Where Women Create has inspired Where Women Cook, and most recently, Where Women Create: Business, which is the newest sister publication…all brainchilds of Jo’s.

I had not met Jo Packham before shooting day in my studio. While her reputation preceded her as an incredibly talented entrepreneur and champion of women in the arts, I was NOT prepared for how down to earth, warm and incredibly giving she is. We had such a good day and fun evening with her (in spite of a scary storm and downpour that September day!)

Our own Melissa Schulz (Executive Director of Marketing at Kathy Davis Studios) worked her magic, coordinated all aspects of the project, including straightening and “styling” my studio (it is not always so clean and organized, believe me!), coming up with some craft projects to share, and then working with Stampington on the layout and edits…including our cover design!!!

Katie Davis and Laura Mounts, two of our talented designers at KDS, worked alongside Melissa assisting in my home studio…and Katie’s own photo was selected to grace the cover of the magazine!

Photographer Rachel Beck took a flurry of photos of my workspace…there were so many nice shots that we couldn’t use in the article that I thought I’d share some with you here!


You can purchase Where Women Create magazine in many locations, including Barnes and Noble, Costco, Jo-Ann Fabric, and A.C. Moore.

And NOW you can order a copy directly from our online store! Click here.

The joys of Wedding Planning!

Names: Teresa & Alex

How long you have been married? Married 2 1/2 years , been together 11 years!

Tip: Always greet your spouse with a smile. Leave your bad day/bad mood/bad energy behind and start fresh when you walk in the door. A scowl and a grumble is no way to greet your soul mate. You have chosen this person for the rest of your life… show them you’re happy to see them! 

Keep a sense of humor. It makes bad times better, good times great,  and arguments shorter!

Always remember that you are a team. Plain and simple.

FEBRUARY 2013 |  Each month, I hope to bring you an assortment of Things that Bring Me Joy, a curated collection of photos, info and inspiration that reflects my joy through art, living and giving. This month, the theme is handmade dolls. I still have my Raggedy Ann doll from my childhood. It is completely worn and torn with the love I lavished on it over the years. That doll led me to collect Raggedy Anns of all shapes, sizes and styles (I gave one to my daughter each Christmas for 25 years!), but I also adore one-of-a-kind handmade folk art doll creations.

Happily, I recently discovered a wonderful exhibit at the Philadelphia International Airport by artist/ dollmaker Ellen Benson. Thanks Ellen, for the dose of doll inspiration! Enjoy!

Fun Finds:

Ellen Benson creates unique one of a kind art dolls. Her installation, Diva Dolls, is currently on display in Philadelphia International Airport. Ellen has made 600 Diva Dolls with a goal of making 1,000!

Kids Art:

Child’s Own Studio is a place where your child’s art can be transformed into a keepsake to be cherished for a lifetime. Vancouver craft artist, Wendy Tsao ,takes children’s drawings and turns them into dolls! Talk about a labor of love!


TIMO-HANDMADE is an etsy store that creates dolls and is owned by designer Timor Cohen, located in Israel. Timor has made a point of operating it ecologically, both in its manufacturing process and in the sense of social ecology.


Dolls for Daughters was founded in 2007 after Jessica Bachus’ daughter Kenzi was stillborn at 24 weeks. Overcome with grief, Jessica felt compelled to channel her emotions into something that would honor Kenzi’s memory. With this notion, Dolls for Daughters was created so that Jessica and her family could provide dolls to young girls at Christmastime who would otherwise go without. Dolls for Daughters Program provides a total of 500 new dolls to many worthwhile organizations each year. 


 *The above photos are from InLiquid, Child’s Own Studio, Timo Handmade, and Dolls for Daughters.


Since Nemo gave the Northeast a fresh white layer of snow this weekend, I thought it was a good time to share my snowman story with you…

Back in December, a week or so before the holidays,  KDS had a visit from a potential business associate. William Agush is the principle at a company called Shuttersong, and he came to explain a way that we might do some work together.

At the conclusion of our meeting, William announced that he brought along a special gift for me from a fellow artist. The story became richer when he explained that the artist was his mother, Amelia Robin Agush, who passed away in 2010 in her Massuchusetts hometown.  Agush was a paper sculptor and designer who had a thriving career.

From the Boston Globe/ Robin (Gloss) Agush spent decades working with paper as a medium for creating three-dimensional sculptures before she turned to watercolor painting.When she was in her 20s and living in Hollywood, she used paper to create table centerpieces for parties and promotional artwork displayed in movie theaters.Later, after she returned to Massachusetts, she devised simple paper kits that Family Circle magazine sold to hundreds of thousands of customers who turned them into holiday decorations: 6-foot-tall Santa Claus figures, turkeys, or Valentine’s Day mailboxes.“She made crafts and arts approachable to lots of people,” said her son William.

Amelia Robin Agush, shown in her Los Angeles studio circa 1950, devised paper kits that Family Circle magazine sold.


Agush left behind an amazing legacy of a woman’s successful career in the arts… AND a basement filled with her marvelous paper sculptures! William was kind enough to share one of her creations with me. He presented me with a curious looking folded paper with printed designs and perforations…but with no instructions! We had little idea how this fragile gift of folded paper would materialize…so I asked two of my trusty assistants, Maureen and Katie, to help solve the mystery and document their process. Watch the magic unfold…

Almost every inch of that giant piece of folded paper was utilized in the design…quite an impressive engineering feat!

Our cheerful snowman sculpture is still on display in our Studio…and the gift from William … and the story he shared of his mother’s career and creativity inspire me every time I catch a glimpse of our smiling snowman!

Just when I thought cupcakes couldn’t get any sweeter, I came across this adorable goodie carrier and was overwhelmed by cupcake cuteness. A tasty treat plus trendy packaging?

– sounds like the perfect little Valentine’s Day gift to me! I’d love to try my hand at making one of these out of some of Kathy’s own patterns. I’m sure it would be a big hit, and who doesn’t love a good cupcake?


As we welcome a new month, daylight seems to linger a little longer, and I can’t help but let my thoughts wander to daydreams of springtime. This year, that anticipation of my favorite season is paired with the excitement of our upcoming wedding! As cliché as it sounds, the time is truly flying by. The time for “planning” is over and we’ve briskly moved into the “doing” stage. Laboring over the logistics and details, I’ve found respite in one thing…and that’s our MUSIC.

Music has been very important to Ryan and I, both as individuals and in our relationship, so we’ve been having the best time choosing our songs for the wedding. Our musical tastes are very eclectic, but we’ve settled on a homey-folksy theme for our special day. It works out great because many of our favorite artists and most meaningful lyrics fall into that category. Here is a small selection of songs we are considering for our wedding.


Processional: The Beatles- Across the Universe

Recessional: The Kinks- This Time Tomorrow

Bride/Groom song: Neil Young- Harvest Moon

Father/Daughter song: Loudin Wainwright III- Daughter


Mother/Son song: Cat Stevens- The Wind

OK- So I know this is technically a little girl’s sweater, but I couldn’t resist sharing it for this week’s blog post. Something about it reminds of those magical elementary school days when the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day were filled with dreaming, decorating, and making lots and lots of valentines.

Since I can’t go back in time (or fit into this sweater) I think one of Kathy’s heart adorned designs should do the trick to spread some Valentine’s Day joy this year.