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Sometimes just one look at a swatch of Kathy’s fabric is all it takes to send my mind on an imaginative journey. Not too long ago, in fact, I had one of these moments when bolts of fabric from the new Enchantment collection arrived at the studio. The cool colors and romantic florals were just so inviting that I couldn’t help but be whisked away to the likes of an English country bath or a chic powder room in Paris – romantic sites, indeed.

Until I can make it to Europe and see for myself, please enjoy this collage – a powder room palette- inspired by the Enchantment collection. Or, you can always browse the fabric here and see where your own creative mind will lead you…

Links:MirrorsBottles SinkDresserParisian SoapEnglish SoapCabinet

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One of the fastest growing trends in weddings seems to be brides choosing non-white dresses. Without disclosing too much about my own dress, I have chosen a non-white option myself. It’s a fun way to show a little bit of your individuality and another unique way to customize your wedding. Here are a few of my fave non-white wedding dress finds. Which do you like best?

A. BHLDNB. ValentinoC. Elie SaabD. Sarah SevenE. Vera WangF. Jenny Packham

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Just celebrated 10 years together September 21st.

Tip: Laugh at your spouse’s jokes, enjoy one another, and always make time for each other. Life can get crazy and it’s nice to have time set aside to just relax and hang out and reconnect.


This crisp Saturday November morning I sit here with an ice pack on my shoulder, sling on my arm and pain pills at the ready…realizing that we were supposed to have been on a plane at this very moment heading for a week in Mexico to relax in the sun and enjoy our Thanksgiving turkey…south-of-the-border style. But fate was not having it.

Tuesday around midnight, I felt a wave of queasiness and got up out of bed…minutes later finding myself on the cold tile of my bathroom floor with a searing pain in my shoulder and banged up head. Whatever caused me to faint has now passed but it left me with a broken clavicle, sore body and canceled vacation.

While I am disappointed and wishing I could escape this painful shoulder harness and arm sling for even 10 minutes, I feel strangely calm and accepting.

My mishap left me with some overwhelming feelings:Life is unpredictable.Life is precious.Pain is just a normal part of life.And,People are most important.

Maybe the universe is telling me to slow down. Maybe it is time to take better care of myself.Or maybe my stars are just a little out of kilter.

A year ago on November 20th I lost my mom … I miss her and think about her every day. The graceful and contented way she lived her life taught me many things. One of those things was to appreciate what you have. She didn’t yearn for more than she had or push beyond her limits or demand bigger and better things from life. Her faith and her family were at the core of her happiness.

I realize that I am a different person from my mom. I do hope I share some of her same qualities, and yet I also value the ways in which we were unique.

One thing I do recognize, though, is that I need more balance and moderation in my life. I will do a better job at this.

So, maybe this recent mishap was my mom trying to get through my thick skull that I need to slow it down a notch or two…(was the broken clavicle really necessary, Mom?)

This Thanksgiving, I am deeply grateful for many things; the love and support from friends and family, the abundance of blessings I often take for granted, such as a warm home, good health and an absence from hunger, the kind of work that gives joy and meaning to my life…and the lessons lovingly bestowed to me from two wonderful parents.

May you all feel as blessed in your life as I do.

With my warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

All My Best,

With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday almost upon us, I thought now would be the perfect time to share these cute kitchen utensils. What else could make marathon-style cooking for the whole family more bearable than flower shaped spatulas? I think these guys would look so fun on a countertop and would go great with a few floral linens made from Kathy’s Hello Sunshine pattern collection. Enjoy, and happy cooking!

Last year’s Holiday Bazaar was a huge hit! We hope you can join us this year for a fun night filled with holiday cheer and great handcrafted gifts and crafts. Check out the details below. See you there!

303 Horsham Rd. Suite GHorsham, PA 19044

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Here are some of the handcrafted goodies from last year:

Now that we set our clocks back and daylight has faded before our eyes, I find myself looking for new ways to brighten up and lift my spirits. What better way than with some sparkle! Even though my own wedding will reflect a more organic, natural style, I’ve assembled a glittery wedding mood board just for fun.

Don’t you just love the stars on the floor?

Dress: Elie SaabNails: Pinterest/ unknownGlitter: Yuna LeonardInvitation: Inspired By ThisStars: Martha StewartBridesmaid: Pinterest/ Unknown

A Bouquet of Beauty!


Dedicated to all those along the east coast who lost power from the hurricane. Let there be light, heat and love…(photo from forever love blog).


These gorgeous gloves just might be the most attractive way to keep your hands warm this cold weather season. I love the idea of pretty colors peeking out from under the sleeves of a dark fall coat – what a cheerful way to accessorize! Now if I could just get a pair in a Kathy Davis original print…

Here’s a few goodies made from Kathy’s Pocket Full of Poppies and Enchantment fabric collections. They were on display at Quilt Market a few weeks ago. It’s so fun to see the fabric come to life!


Since this is the first Wedding Wednesday of November, I thought I’d kick off the month with something a little different. I reached out to some of my married teammates here at KDS, asking if they would share a bit of marriage advice with us … along with a photo of them on their wedding day…and a “now” photo. I got a really wonderful response and am anxious to show them off to you in this series I am calling “Joyfully Ever After”!

It has been so fun seeing everyone’s wedding pictures and hearing a bit about what they value in their marriage and what makes real couples work. On alternate Wednesdays, I will be sharing a new installment in my Wedding Wednesday blog. I thought it would be fun to kick this series off with the women herself, my mom, Kathy Davis.

Married Couple: Kathy Davis and Peter Walts

Wedding date: May 31,1995

Tip about marriage:Being able to laugh with your partner is one of the things that I value the most in my marriage. Peter and I can move through any disagreements or struggles as long as we come back to our sense of humor and desire to live a happy life together!

Creative Visionary Officer and CEO of KDS

“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.”

~Rabindranath Tagore