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Isn’t this summer dress by Issa a beauty? The bright, organic print totally reminds of some of Kathy’s latest shore- inspired patterns, and I’m convinced her designs would look just as stunning on a similar creation.

This charming print from Sea Cottage captures the fading spirit of summer. Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone!


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,

but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

-Maria Robinson


Time is flying by and the wedding planning process is in FULL SWING! We’ve been busy pinning down a florist, caterer, a band…and the list goes on and on. As I juggle all of these decisions, it has been very helpful for me to create a mood board for our day. I find myself constantly referring to it to help me keep my vision in line as well as to give me motivation as things get a bit hectic.

While our backyard setting may be a bit different from the inspiration I’m gathering, I’m excited about the way our special day is taking shape! Take a look at my official wedding mood board. 🙂

*Various photos were collected from my favorite blogs and photography websites.

Sunshine! Sunny Days Are Here Again!


Love the creative use of pressed flowers in this sweet alphabet by Thevy Guox!


Everyone has fond memories of those short three months stationed between the beginning and end of the school year. As children, this time was earmarked for adventure and new experiences. The time flew by so quickly, we often were left with more memories than keepsakes; not enough pictures or treasures, just experiences.

Melissa Lomax is tapping into that to create a body of work filled with fond childhood memories of pure delight and quirky fun. Everything from do-dads to doodles along with finished paintings will be on display. Images will be packed with the feelings of wiggling toes in the sand, car rides to strange and exotic locales and the love of an unplanned adventure. This is a trip worth taking and one you will definitely want a keepsake to remember it.

“Summer with You” will be on display from August 31st to September 24th at the Kathy Davis Studios Gallery located at 303 Horsham Road, Suite G, Horsham, PA 19044.

The Opening Reception will be held on August 31st from 5pm to 8pm with drinks and light refreshments.

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Nobody does a wedding dress quiet like Vera Wang. She masterfully creates gowns perfectly balanced with whimsy and elegance. Although out of reach for my own wedding, a girl can still daydream, right? Here is a compilation of a few of my faves from her website. I challenge you to choose YOUR favorite.

Not quite, but we have something wonderful in the works! We have had a film crew in the studio over the past few weeks collecting footage. Stay tuned; we can’t wait to share the finished product(s) with all of you!


I never tire of pretty, pretty poppies. by Silke Magino


Thanks for voting on our Facebook page, everyone! Here is the favorite – What do you think?


The subject of centerpieces is a tricky one for me. When I think of my wedding I can picture almost every detail and envision how I want it to feel and look, but when I think of the table décor I draw a bit of a blank. Mainly because I think so many options would work. Since the wedding is in the backyard of the home where I grew up, I want to stick with a less formal, loose-wildflower, effortless look that blends in with the outdoors.

I mentioned before that I was considering potted plants for the table, and I still like that idea… but when I was researching centerpieces I found lots of pretty options. I love them all and am unsure which direction to go. Which are your favorites?

Photo Credit:a-Louisa Bailey b- Ulmer Studiosc- The Nicholsd- agaimagese- unknownf- Jen Huang

Find Your Inner Butterfly!


Thanks to Pinterest, I came across this great article on about ways to use scrap fabric. While, regretfully, I do not get along with needle and thread nearly as well as I relate to paper and paint, I can clearly envision some of my fabrics used in some of these innovative ways. (If any of you create sewn items using my fabric, please send a photo of the finished piece to us so we can share with our followers.)

Here are some of my favorite ideas from the article. Which do you like best?

See even more ideas here.

Don’t you just love this space saving gift wrap center? from My Ideal Home.