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Life can often seem so uncertain and unpredictable but when I’m next to you I feel like I’ve found my center.

With you, I am my best self…

I look forward to each day,

knowing you’ll be a part of it.

Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life.Happy Birthday

Blossoming fabric collection by Kathy Davis!


Kindness scatters beauty whenever it is shared.


LoveBirds sing about it.Poets write about it.Everybody searches for it.

And you and I are so very lucky to have found it.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

Unique finds, charming ladies, blooms of color, and silly animals are just a snippet of what you’ll see. But don’t take things too seriously – relax and enjoy your visit at The Menagerie!

The Menagerie is a collection of recent experiments- a foray into the familiar and unfamiliar in terms of techniques and mediums. I wanted to try a little bit of everything for this show and also wanted to include that notion in my creation process.

The idea of a menagerie, an assortment of the strange and wildly diverse all come under one roof, has always fascinated me. After much pondering and playing around, I let my markers lead the way while I tagged along for the ride. My goal was to keep things fun and create an upbeat, off kilter environment for my audience to enjoy. The Menagerie, in all its oddities, is meant to be seriously enjoyed in every way and I hope you enjoy my idea of a menagerie as you embark upon this adventure.

~Ashley McDevitt

Join us next Friday, February 24th in our gallery!

303 Horsham RoadSuite GHorsham, PA 19044

We added a few new Free Joy downloads featuring Kathy’s Sweet Birdie fabric collection. Check them out here when you get a chance. Enjoy!


I wish for you a heart full of happiness

Happy Valentine’s Day to someone with a big heart and generous spirit!


What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

~Richard Bach


EEEK! I am officially addicted!

And no rehab for me, thank you. My latest addiction is the social media craze called “Pinterest”. I avoided it as long as I could, but about a month ago or so, I tiptoed in…and believe me, the water is fine!

I thought Facebook (which I also avoided for a while, but then couldn’t resist) had captured any downtime I could find, but Pinterest is really tempting to me because it is so visual. If you are a magazine junkie like me, I think you will love Pinterest (that is, if it hasn’t ALREADY captured you!) Tearing inspiring pages out of magazines has been a hobby – or habit- of mine for years. Of course the magazines cost a pretty penny and you can’t buy just ONE…and then there’s the chore of filing those tear sheets …and whoever remembers what they have squirreled away in a file drawer, anyway?!

With Pinterest, you can peruse images that others have “pinned” from websites and blogs, or pin your own. Setting up your pin boards can also be creative. You can identify and name the categories that interest you. Some of my boards are called “Makes me feel good”, “Paintings I love”, and “For the Home”. Below is a screen shot of the way some of my boards look. Eye Candy, right?

For me, Pinterest is a fun and easy way to stay inspired. I try to treat myself to 5 minutes every morning. It’s a happy fix for me!

SOOOO…I have decided to share my Pinterest boards – and latest finds – with YOU – right here on my website!

Just click on the Pinterest icon that appears on the right side of the screen with all of my other social media logos. I also plan to feature my favorite pin of the week each week. Won’t you join me?

My friend…you have been there for me…

in every way…and for every step of the journey.


You touch my heart with your friendship.Happy Valentine’s Day

Mark your calendars! Valentine’s Day is on its way! If you’re in need of an e-card to send to someone special check out this new one we have available on

“A Valentine wish for you. May life be joyful, and love be true. May friends be many, and cares be few. May your day be full of all the good things you so deserve! Happy Valentine’s Day”

Check out a preview of the e-card below and click here to see the card on Blue Mountain’s website.

Over the past month we have been posting an American Greetings Card of the Week hand picked by Kathy to share with all of you. The theme for January was Baby. The time has come to pick your favorite Card of the Week for January.

The card that gets the most votes will become the January Card of the Month! The best part is that just by voting you will be automatically entered to win a selection of Kathy Davis cards.

Simply click the Comments link below and vote for the card of your choice (A, B, C, D or E) and you could win!!! Voting will run until February 3rd. If you need a closer look at the cards just click any of the cards below and it will take you to our Flickr gallery.

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