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Lastly, whether large, loose portraits are a trend in South Africa…I can’t be sure, but I was just lucky to find several… and they knocked my socks off!

These first two paintings by Lionel Smit grace the walls of a wonderful winery and lodge in the Stellenbosch region called the Delaire Graff Estate and Gardens.

Click here to see more of Lionel Smit’s artwork

These exciting graffiti- inspired portraits, below, are by artist Kilmany-Jo Liversage. I found them in the Worldart Cape Town gallery. The calligraphic and colorful brushstrokes exude such energy!

Click here to see more of Kilmany-Jo Liversage’s artwork

I hope that you agree that there is much joy to be found in the art from South Africa!

Pow! Everywhere I looked pottery and textiles popped with bold color and geometric pattern! It was eye candy for a color aficionado like me. My favorites were pieces from The Potter’s Workshop. I stocked up on as many of these colorful and functional gifts that I could fit into my already bulging luggage!

Click here to visit The Potter’s Workshop

While perusing a local magazine, I discovered a group of textile designers living and creating in South Africa called the Threadcount Collective. The five women work independently and have vastly different looks. Their collective gives them a way to market with more impact. I contacted one of the designers while in Cape Town and she pointed me to a local store that sells her work. It was impressive!

Here is a small sampling from the Collective.

Click here to “meet the designers” and see more.

Check back on Friday for part 3 of Joy Through Art in South Africa…

You may have viewed the slideshow of my recent trip to South Africa that I posted on my blog. It has been a month since I’ve returned, and now I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you some of my reflections from this amazing trip.

I plan to write and post some thoughts over the next three weeks. This series will reflect my brand promise – to Scatter Joy: joy through art, joy through living, and joy through giving.

Please enjoy…

No matter where I travel, I am always on the lookout for local art and inspiration. Believe me, South Africa did not disappoint!

Prevalent among the many colorful handmade treasures I found was a wide assortment of beautiful beaded crafts! There were functional beaded items, including beautiful chairs, belts, mugs… and animal sculptures galore! (More on them in a later post!)

Woven baskets made of colored telephone wire were another fun find! These intricate baskets are created by the Zulu people, the largest ethnic group in South Africa. The finished product appears to be fashioned from natural materials, but the telephone wire that comes in every color provides a wide palette for the creations!

Singita, an impressive group of safari lodges in different locations, uses charger plates and accessories to decorate the lodges. Each lodge has a different color scheme and pattern, helping to create a distinctive personality for each location.

Check back on Wednesday for more Joy Through Art in South Africa.

“You don’t need to wait for happiness to find you…

plant some seeds and grow your own.”


“Wishing you days of endless wonder,

inspiring dreams and new adventures,

and quiet moments for reflection.”


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Hope to see you there!

“Nite Brite” by Melissa Lomax (crayon and watercolor on paper)

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Hello and Happy September!

As sorry as I am to see the true summer months pass us by, September is a time that makes me thing about fresh new beginnings. The air is crisper, the sky looks clearer, and the season begins its change. Since I spent many years in the classroom – as both student and teacher –

I also feel programmed to think about back to school and a switching of gears to new schedules and priorities. September means “change” to me.

I must admit, my recent two-week trip to South Africa has also made me think a bit differently. I do feel that this experience has changed me, but Ithink I have yet to discover just how. For one thing, it is rare for me to completely detach from my work. On most of my vacations or beach getaways,I can’t resist packing some unfinished business. Whether its writing, painting, or business based communication, I usually feel best when I amproductive. But on this trip, I resisted, instead letting the experience take me over. Sure, I brought back some ideas and inspiration, but for the most part, I allowed my unique setting to overwhelm me… and it DID!

Another thing I realize is that this time off has taken some of my “edge” away. I return feeling less anxious and driven …recognizing that I want to be a sailboat capturing the right wind currents, rather than a motorboat plowing my way toward some unknown destination. I guess this is what vacations are supposed to do. I am seeing the bigger picture – the important things rather than the seemingly urgent things that nag at my daily “to do” list.

As for how this African adventure may influence my artwork… I have yet to discover. One thing I can promise you though, is that you won’t be seeing any Kathy Davis style animal prints coming out in my work (as some of you have predicted!)…or at least I don’t think so.

I hope that each of you, too, had a chance to detach a bit this summer and were able to take a fresh look at your life’s priorities. This month is a great time to adjust your outlook!

May you embrace all of the changes that September may have in store for you!

All My Best,

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