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I recently attended an amazing event in Phoenix, Arizona hosted by my greeting card licensee, American Greetings. Each year American Greetings plays host to many of their top clients, presenting what’s new in the world of greeting cards.

This year, the theme of creativity was featured by showcasing some of their in-house talent as well as several licensed content partners. An impressive outdoor display was set up for each artist and writer on the patio of the Phoenician Hotel where a cocktail reception was held for the attendees. It was so nice to meet and greet customers from places like Canada, Oklahoma and Portland, Maine.

Me with Tina Benevides, VP of Creative at AG

Talking with some of the other designers and writers who attended was such a treat! A highlight for me was spending some time with well-known artist Mary Engelbreit. Back in the mid-1980’s, as a former teacher and single mom trying to find my way, I wrote to Mary asking for advice on how to break into the industry. I still treasure the letter I received back from her. It was great fun to connect and finally thank her for steering me in the right direction!

Me with mentor and artist extraordinaire, Mary Englebreit

This creative line-up includes Brenda Walton, Me, Mary, and Bella Pilar

Lucky artists and writers in the AG family of companies including Papyrusand Recycled Paper Greetings

Following the cocktail reception, we were treated to an extraordinary dinner and entertainment. The banquet room was transformed into a magical wonderland, fashioned after Tavern on the Green in New York City. Trees sparkled with tiny white lights, birdsong filled the air, and the tables were set to impress in an explosion of color and texture.

The American Greetings’ rose (as featured in their logo) came to life at each place setting. Red napkins folded in a flower shape were topped with a beautiful fresh red rose. Actual magnolia leaves transformed into circular placemats. The table settings were true works of art!

A beautiful place setting

A table in full bloom

A video was shown celebrating the work of American Greetings artists and writers, then each of us was introduced the crowd of 300. Dinner was a delicious affair, culminating in a dessert to die for! Chocolate greeting cards and stacked sponge cakes were garnished with faux flowers made of sugar. Amazing (and yummy, too!)

Dessert featuring chocolate greeting cards

But the real icing on the cake was James Taylor! He delivered an inspiring and touching performance specially choreographed for the American Greetings guests. His song “Shower the People You Love with Love” could not have been more fitting, and my personal favorite was “ Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” from the show Oklahoma. James also spoke to us about the times in his life when greeting cards have touched him deeply. One was a Valentine card he treasured from a secret crush in the fifth grade, which he faithfully carried around in his jeans pocket until they ended up in the laundry. The other was a sympathy card he received from someone very dear to him upon the death of his father. He mentioned the fact that songwriting and writing for greeting cards is very similar in that we are all trying to connect to people in ways that touch their hearts and relate to their experiences.

James Taylor

It was hard to see the evening come to an end.

Upon leaving, each guest received a commemorative book featuring some of the creative talent that makes American Greetings so special. To say I was honored to be a part of such a wonderful event is an understatement. It was humbling, inspiring… and a true celebration of creativity!

A magical night at our Tavern on the Green in the desert, indeed…

Blossoming Fabric Teal Colorway


“Ocean” is a collection of work by eight artists displaying their unique perspectives on all things ocean.

Check out a sneak peek of “The Kracken” below which will be featured in the show.

Hope to see you next Friday!

Opening Reception:Friday, May 27, 20115:00-7:00pmKathy Davis Studios Gallery303 Horsham Rd, Suite GHorsham, PA 19044

“The Kracken” by Meghann Permar

Even though life is far from perfect it can still be wonderful.


Enjoy this slideshow showcasing Kathy’s Blossoming Fabric Collection for Free Spirit Fabric. For more information about the Blossoming Collection click here.

Friend… Such a simple word for one of the greatest necessities of life.


Each person is given the gift of time on this earth…

to live… to learn… to love…

and to leave a legacy.


We had another great show at the KDS Gallery! KDS employees Teresa and Tyler displayed a funky collection of hand made coffee sleeves and clutch handbags – not to mention a great spread of food and drinks. Scroll down to see some photos from the show.

Our next gallery show on Friday May 27th will be a group show with an ocean theme. It will be exciting to see what everyone comes up with!

Hope to see you there!

Fun and Funky Coffee Sleeves

Clutch Handbags


There’s a certain wisdom, a deep sensitivity and an indescribable capacity to love that a woman acquires at the moment she becomes someone’s mother.


In honor of Mother’s Day this month, I want to introduce you to one pretty amazing lady – my mom, Ruth. At age 93, she is in relatively good health, living in an assisted living apartment close by our home. While her short-term memory is not very good these days, something she never forgets are the names of our big white dogs, Mojo and Moxie. We take them to visit her on the rare days that they are clean enough! Ruth takes a lot of pride in remembering the names of those dogs…especially since she can’t recall the names of her fellow residents, even the ones she dines with 3 times a day.

Mojo and Moxie greet Ruth


Mojo givin’ a little lovin’

But, in spite of her failing memory, you will never find my mother in a bad mood. She makes the best of everything. Always. While Ruth was never artistic (one of her favorite sayings is “I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler”), I have to credit her with instilling positive thinking in me…the kind of thinking that I believe influences the art and writing I do. I’m not sure if that joy-filled content comes from something that I feel – or if it’s something I need to feel more of… either way, I have to credit Mom for drumming it into me.

Some of her “Momisms” :

      –  “there is no such thing as an ugly person”

      –  “hate is a horrible word”

      –  “I like anyone who wears a smile”

      –  “It is more important to be nice than it is to be important”

Having grown up during the depression, Mom has always been frugal and selfless. While these qualities are admirable, she unfortunately has a hard time indulging herself, even in healthy ways, always preferring to do without. This kind of upbringing caused a few issues for me in later years, since I so want to indulge sometimes without feeling bad about it.

I’d like to share an excerpt with you from my Scatter Joy book from the chapter called “Letting Joy Overcome Guilt”.

My mother has had a fulfilling and comfortable, if simple life, and she has definitely done more than her share of scattering joy. I just wish she could have learned that it’s not just okay to be good to yourself, that it’s more than okay. It’s actually good for you!

Shortly after my divorce when I was on my own with my two young kids, my mother stopped by to give me a hand as she (thankfully) often did. I had just returned from the grocery store and finished putting away the food when she came in through the back door to the kitchen. I was arranging the cut flowers I had just bought, placing them in a vase for the kitchen table. I could tell that she was troubled.

When I asked her what was wrong, she confronted me about the flowers, asking me if some new admirer had sent them (of which she would definitely have disapproved!). After all, the divorce was so very difficult for my parents to accept, and my dating so soon when I had two little kids depending on me would have been too much for my mother to handle. I thought I was off the hook when I replied, “No, I bought them for myself!” My mother looked absolutely stunned. Obviously she never bought herself flowers (how wasteful, frivolous, and self-indulgent!), and she couldn’t quite fathom that I had done so for myself—especially when I should be “in mourning” over my divorce and focused on my children.

Now, I love and admire my mother very much, and I will never come close to her good works and almost sainthood status, but I’ve become quite comfortable being my own best friend and not feeling guilty about treating myself well.

These days I try to buy myself flowers every week. Doing so brings me such joy! And when I buy flowers for myself, I often pick up a bouquet for my mother to brighten her assisted-living apartment. I think she might just enjoy those flowers as much as I enjoy giving them!

Wishing all moms the very happiest Mother’s Day. I hope you all get some flowers! (and if you don’t, it’s OK to buy some for yourself!)

Over the past month we have been posting an American Greetings Card of the Week hand picked by Kathy to share with all of you. The time has come to pick your favorite Card of the Week for April. The card that gets the most votes will become the April Card of the Month! The best part is that just by voting you will automatically be entered to win a selection of Kathy Davis cards.

Simply click the Comments link below and vote for the card of your choice (A, B, C, or D) and you could win!!! Voting will run until end of day March 6th. If you need a closer look at the cards just click any of the cards below and it will take you to our Flickr gallery.


How do you plan to Scatter Joy to a special Mom this Mother’s Day? Or if you are a Mom, how would you like to spend your dream Mother’s Day?

Below are three ways we think would Scatter Joy on Mother’s Day. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

1. Create a relaxing gift basket filled with bubble bath, loofa, body lotion, and candle. Maybe even buy her some new music to listen to while she unwinds in the tub.

2. A nice little breakfast in bed can be fun – especially if the dishes are all clean and dried when Mom comes down stairs 😉

3. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is always a safe bet. Make it extra special by including a card with a hand written note expressing what a great Mom she is.