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Well, that groundhog sure knows how to tease!

The warm spring weather he promised is taking its good old time getting here. Hopefully, once it comes it will stay for a while before slipping into summer too quickly.

As hard as it is to believe today, I have faith that April will prove to be a glorious month leading up to Easter, and our patience through these cold months will surely be rewarded.

Sometimes our patience wears thin, and not just with the weather. I often get impatient with my creative process. Ideas frequently flood my consciousness… but the time it takes for them to germinate and bloom into art on paper can seem like an eternity.

My work schedule is always sporadic as I juggle business responsibilities and meetings with art direction and approvals… and then there’s my own writing and painting. Wearing many hats often takes me off course from where my heart is trying to lead me. Frustration with not having enough time for my creative work can sometimes overtake me.

What helps me to hold it together during those times is keeping a journal where I log any and every idea that comes to mind so they won’t escape me. Sometimes the ideas in my journal can take years to come to bloom…some never take root…and others help to guide my work as soon as I get back into the swing of my writing or painting.

I’ve learned to make peace with this process. I guess you can call it delayed gratification.

Patience is always rewarded. In fact, sometimes ideas require breathing space for the good seeds to sort themselves out from those not yet ready for sprouting.

While I wish I could paint and be creative everyday, at least I free my mind by capturing my thoughts on paper. I’d be a sad puppy without a pen and paper (and yes, I do also log ideas on my laptop, but there is just something soothing about moving a pen across paper that calms me.)

So, as we look ahead to the most beautifully prolific season of the year… my wish for you is that your patience to be rewarded in all ways. May the carrot at the end of your stick come within reach…and may we all enjoy a SPECTACULAR spring worth waiting for!

May your patience be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

I recently found this sketch for a card idea in one of my old journals. It seemed perfect to share with you for this April post.

Kathy Davis Studios and have partnered to give you a chance to win two (2) free flower bouquets. Keep one for yourself and Scatter Joy by sending one to someone special!

Click here for more details and to enter the contest. Good Luck!!


The Curiosity Shoppe opens tonight at 5pm! Stop on by for refreshments and a truly magical art show. For more info click here.

If you can’t join us in our gallery we will be tweeting live under the hashtag #kdsgallery with photos and updates.

Hope to see you there! Here’s a sneak peek…


By Meghann Permar


By Janet Gerhardt

As the days pass by and the sad news of the tragic events in Japan linger in our hearts and minds, we are left feeling helpless in the wake of a disaster of such magnitude. Our thoughts go out to all of those who continue to suffer. Many are still searching for family, friends, and loved ones. We hope each day brings healing and strength to recover.

In an effort to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami we have compiled a few of our favorite organizations that are assisting Japan by providing aid in various ways. Many charities and organizations have been working tirelessly to help Japan see a brighter day. Please donate and help Scatter Joy to a family in need. Each and every one of us can make a difference, however small.

Direct Relief International is a great organization that uses very little of their donation money for administrative purposes. Donating to their efforts in the Pacific will ensure that the majority of your donation goes directly to those in need.

Quilters Newsletter and Patchwork Tsushin (a leading Japanese Quilting Magazine) have teamed up and are encouraging quilters around the world to donate comfort quilts. All donated quilts will be shipped to families in Japan that have been impacted by the recent events.

Animal Refuge Kansai has facilities in Tokyo and Osaka. They are accepting as many animals affected by the quake as they can, but they need funds to care for them and find them homes.

American Red Cross has always been there in times of need. They will use donations to support their disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.

(For more information or to donate to any of these organization click their logo or link above to access their website)

This week I was honored to be a guest at West Chester University’s President’s Dinner. President Greg Weisenstein and his wife, Sandra were the charming hosts of a beautiful dinner held in the impressive Autograph Library at the University.

WCU is where I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education. While at West Chester, art was my minor field of study, and my love for all things creative was ignited there, thanks to some great professors! One of my favorites was my ceramics teacher, John Baker, who is now “Dr. Baker” – the chairman of WCU’s Art Department.

Before the dinner, John invited us to attend the WCU Alumni Exhibition in Mitchell Hall. Exhibiting alumni included Igor Roussanoff, Drew Jordan, Jim Podziomek, Elena Mascherino amd Jimmer Breen. The variety of work was impressive, and I especially loved the large portrait paintings done by Elena and Jimmer.

Thanks, WCU, for a wonderful journey back in time and an inspiring jolt of what is yet to be.

Here I am with “Dr. Baker” in the Mitchell Hall gallery


Portrait painter Jimmer Breen with his oil painting entitled “Dude”


Portraits by Elena Mascherino (collage using magazine paper!)and Jimmer Breen (oil).


Ceramic word mural in Mitchell Hall

In honor of the first day of spring, we’d like to share this short excerptfrom Kathy’s “Scatter Joy” book. The chapter is “Joy Through the Seasons”:

“Springtime is at its most glorious when the tiny, bright green leaves burst forth and the flowering pear, crab apple, dogwood and cherry trees create an explosion of pink and white blossoms.

Wisteria, lilacs, and orange blossoms follow, perfuming the air with their fragrance. I love to walk in our nearby park, where the landscaping has been carefully orchestrated to allow each blooming row of trees to invite the next to follow its lead. Spring is a time or promise, hope, rebirth and beauty.”

May spring inspire many things of beauty in your life!

Join us next Friday for The Curiosity Shoppe! A curious collection of collages, paintings, handmade objects and ephemera sure to delight. The show features artwork by KDS’ own Janet Gerhardt and Meghann Permar.

Hope to see you there!


When you feel like you’ve lost your center, you must make the time… and then take the time to find it again.


Click the image below to head over to our Free Joy page. There you will find various free downloads including our new Kathy Davis Blossoming Quilt instructions. If you sew a quilt or create any other projects using Kathy Davis fabric please send us a photo, we will post it! 🙂


There is a pure and simple beauty to the ordinary rhythms of our everyday lives.


Enjoy this slideshow showcasing Kathy’s Journeys Fabric Collection for Free Spirit Fabric. For more information about the Journeys Collection click here.

I can feel it, I can see it, I can smell it…and I can almost taste it! Spring is waiting in the wings…and after another tough winter in the northeast, we are all more than ready. Finally, that groundhog got it right!

The growing light invites us all to stretch our wings after the winter season. For me, it means more energy, fresh new ideas and that joyful feeling that spring fever ushers in! We have so many new projects and ideas germinating at the Studio that I’m about to burst!

I am working on some colorful new paintings that I am anxious to share with you, and there are many collections of new patterns in development that we hope to turn into fabric. Just in time for spring, the other day we received samples of my latest gift bags from American Greetings, (which I hope you’ll agree are bright and cheery) and we look forward to my 2011 Mother’s Day card display coming out soon.

Also this spring, you can find my exclusive new line of cards and boxed stationery debuting at Papyrus stores. I am super psyched about that! In addition, we are anxiously awaiting samples of the new line of gift products we are proud to have developed with Westland Giftware.

MORE news….. Our partnership with licensing agency Brandgenuity is about to launch, which will take the brand in exciting new directions! Plans are underway to open our own online store this year, and as if that’s not enough NEW going on…this month we welcome Bill Lessa to our KDS team as Director of Community Relations!

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and You Tube so you don’t miss a beat.

I wish all of you renewed hope and energy…and all the joys that springtime brings!!! Heartfelt thanks for your continued support and friendship.

All My Best,

Last week Katie Davis’ solo show entitled BLUE graced the walls of our KDS Gallery. The cyanotype photographic prints were a huge hit. The ethereal nature of the pieces evoked a dream like feeling. The perfectly captured colors and textures sat beautifully in simple white frames.

It was hard to choose one favorite to share, so below are a few that we really liked.

See you at the next show!

Over the past month we have been posting an American Greetings Card of the Week hand picked by Kathy to share with all of you. The time has come to pick your favorite Card of the Week for February. The card that gets the most votes will become the February Card of the Month! The best part is that just by voting you will automatically be entered to win a selection of Kathy Davis cards.

Simply click the Comments link below and vote for the card of your choice (A, B, C, or D) and you could win!!!

Voting will run from today March 2nd – end of day March 4th. If you need a closer look at the cards just click on the image below and it will take you to our Flickr gallery.