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“Your journey is like no other. Your talents are unique to you. Your gifts can make a difference in ways others’ can’t.”


Tonight in the KDS Gallery a collection of cyanotype photographs by Katie Davis will be on display. Join us in our gallery for some light refreshments and beautiful photography. If you are unable to attend, we will be tweeting live updates on Twitter under the hashtag #kdsBLUE.

Hope to see you there! Here is a sneak peek…

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, let’s take a moment to reflect and have a little fun while we’re at it.

Share your Valentine’s Day story about how you spent this past Valentine’s Day and you could win a copy of Kathy’s book “Scatter Joy: Living, Giving, and Creating A Life You Love” AND a selection of Kathy Davis Greeting Cards!

Write a few sentences in the comment section below to recap a romantic date, a funny mishap, or something special that made you feel the love of Valentine’s Day.

The contest runs from Feb. 23rd – Feb. 25th

Good Luck! We look forward to hearing about your Valentine’s Day!

Join us next Friday, February 25th in the KDS Gallery for “BLUE” a cyanotype photography series by Katie Davis. The opening reception starts at 5pm and runs until 7pm. Light refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there!


There are so many reasons to occasionally take a break and travel to someplace new. It re-charges your batteries and inspires with new sights and experiences. My recent trip to Mexico was filled with many simple pleasures, from the beautiful beaches and ocean to the colorful handicrafts I found in the small shops.

But one of my favorite reasons to travel is the new people you meet – people you would not have met otherwise…people who often challenge your thinking and remind you that in spite of the interesting differences among people from around the world, we are, in many ways, very much the same.

While in Playa Del Carmen, I was lucky to meet a fellow watercolor artist, named Theresa Lucas.

Theresa, from Indiana, won the trip as an award from Wyndham Worldwide! Her talent is very special, indeed. Born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (a rare condition that affects one in 3000 births), Theresa has overcome her “diff-ability” by holding the paintbrush in her mouth. (Theresa prefers the term “diff-ability” over “disability”. She says “dis” means “can’t”, and she “can” do things, just differently!)

One of my favorite paintings of Theresa’s is called “Blue Serenity”. It has a very calming beauty about it.

In addition to painting, Theresa teaches and does motivational speaking about overcoming disabilities. She has been featured in Ladies Home Journal and recently was honored with the “Women On Their Way” award.

Theresa’s story is a wonderful example of finding joy through art – and sharing that joy with the rest of the world.

Please visit her website.

I hope you find her story, talent and courage as inspiring as I do.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

We hope you have some great plans to celebrate the day with your loved ones. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we are offering you a free download of a variety of Valentine’s Day sticker art. Help us Scatter Joy and post these stickers wherever you please!

Snap a picture of your sticker and send it to and we will post it on our Facebook page. Just head over to our Free Joy tab and download Kathy’s artwork!

The sticker sheet is formatted to fit the Avery #8395 Label (2 1/3 x 3 3/8). You can find these labels at most office supply stores like Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max.

How are you planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day?

“A forever kind of love is one that accepts, forgives, understands and encourages. It is kind and caring. It is unconditional.”


Here is a quick Valentine’s gift to put together for your best friend, sister or mom!  A gift that she can wear throughout the entire year, because a little love goes a long way!

What you will need:

2 – 3” squares of Blossoming’s Hearts Aligned1 –  tiny rectangle cut from Blossoming’s Kind Words3 – 3” squares of fabric from an old t-shirt1 – 1.5” pin back1 – spool of coordinating thread1 – 8.5” x 11” piece of cardstock

Ten Simple Steps:

1. Cut out two 3” squares from the Hearts Aligned pattern from Kathy’s Blossoming collection.

2. Keeping the two squares together, right sides facing out, fold the 2 squares in half.

3. On the fold, cut a half of a heart – just like you used to do in elementary school with construction paper

4. Cut a rectangle around the word “love” from the Kind Words pattern from Kathy’s Blossoming collection.

5. Take one of the hearts and the word “love” and machine sew a straight stitch around the inside edge of the rectangle, leaving your raw edges.

6. Cut out three 3” squares from cotton knit – I use an old t-shirt or onesie.Sandwich the 3 cotton knit layers with the top heart layer, fold the layers in half, aligned with the center of the heart.  Following the shape of the top heart, cut the cotton knit into a heart shape.

7. Add the bottom heart layer, right side facing out.  Machine sew a straight stitch approximately ¼” away from the edge, all around the heart.

8. With pinking shears, cut through all five layers, around the outside edge, giving a finished touch to the outside of the heart.

9. Whip stitch the pin back through a couple of layers on the backside of the heart.

10. Fold the cardstock in half, making a 5.5” x 8.5” card.  With the fold down the left side, attach pin in a centered location in the top third of the card, by pinning the pin to the card.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

…How about everything? That four-letter word packs more power and meaning than any other! Since February is all about LOVE, I wanted to weigh in with a few thoughts on the subject.

Valentine’s Day is a time when everyone’s minds turn to love. We celebrate the love for our sweethearts and those closest to us with flowers, candy, special dinners, and of course, greeting cards! (thank you very much!)

But I invite you to think about love in the larger sense.

Love is that thing that fuels our passions, that inspires kindness, that brings us joy!By bringing more joy into your life on a daily basis, you increase your capacity for love. When your heart is filled with love, it naturally overflows and makes the world a kinder, gentler place.

Here are 3 simple exercises to get you thinking.

1. List 5-10 things that you LOVE to do.

They can be as simple as “go for a walk”. Next, ask yourself how often you make time to do these things. If your answer is “not often enough”, then think of ways you can make these things higher priorities in your life.  While we all have many demands in our lives, we DO have the power to make choices and changes – even if they are small ones. Little changes can make a BIG difference in the way we feel.

2. List 5-10 things that you would LOVE to do, but have not yet experienced.

Then ask yourself how you can begin to take steps – even baby steps- to start making some of these things happen. It may be easiest to choose just one thing from your list and set a realistic goal date to mark on your calendar. Even this small act will be an accomplishment and make you feel good!

3. List 5-10 qualities you LOVE about yourself.

This last question may be the most difficult one, as we are often so hard on ourselves and not used to thinking this way. But, go ahead…be your own best friend… even if just for a few minutes.

Take a look at these qualities…they are gifts in your life – and they need to be honored. Are you using these gifts to your full potential? Is there a way you can celebrate one of these qualities in a bigger way today?

I hope these little exercises helped encourage you to invite more love and joy into your life.

Make February a time to honor your heart. We give love most freely from a full heart. Keep yours full always.

Now it’s time to go share some of that love with the rest of the world.  It can surely use it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

The wall of ATC’s in the KDS Gallery

Last Friday night’s KDS Gallery Opening for our Artist Trading Card Show was a great collaboration of creatives.  From young children to adults, all who participated in creating and trading were drawn together for the sole purpose of being creative.  There were many discussions of technique and subject matter, as well as a lot of laughs.  Below are a couple of photos to highlight some of the ATCs on display.

This unique opening was also chronicled live on Twitter.  Photos of the ATCs were shared over the internet for people everywhere to see.  You’ve got to love modern day technology!  While we have your “hi-tech” attention, it’s a great time to remind you to “follow us” on Twitter, “like us” on Facebook, and check out the constant stream of new videos and visuals we are adding to YouTube and Flickr.  Please tell your friends to keep up with us too, it’s going to be an exciting year at Kathy Davis Studios!

By: Anna Lo Piccolo

Over the past month we have been posting an American Greetings Card of the Week hand picked by Kathy to share with all of you. The time has come to pick your favorite Card of the Week for January. The card that gets the most votes will become the January Card of the Month! The best part is that just by voting you will automatically be entered to win a pack of Kathy Davis cards, including the five Cards of the Week for January!

Simply click the Comments link below and vote for the card of your choice   (A, B, C, D, or E) and you could win!!! Voting will run from today Feb. 2nd – Feb. 9th. If you need a closer look at the cards just click on the image below and it will take you to our Flickr gallery.